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  • Evidence of Old English Sound Changes in Chaucer 

    Dake, Marianna (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1944)
    One of the most interesting features in the whole field of English is the study of that "glorious and imperial mongrel, the English Language." Imperial in the sense that it consists of a dominant strain which is the result ...
  • The Effects of the Deposition of Radioactive Strontium ( Sr85 + Sr89 ) on the Aorta of the Rat 

    Ullrich, Robert L. (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1971)
    The high in vitro radiosensitivity of the mucopolysaccharide matrix of connective tissue was demonstrated by Brinkman and Lamberts in 1961 in experiments involving changes in membrane permeability. Their data revealed that ...
  • Russian Matchbox Set 

    Unknown author (1992-01-01)
    Here are the same matchbox labels mentioned in the previous item, but now gathered as a set in a lovely presentation box. It turns out that there is one more member of the set that was not present in the individual pairs ...
  • English Matchboxes 

    Unknown author (2000-01-01)
    A quick guess says that these are Bewick illustrations. The fables presented are the Ox and the Reed (OR), the Tortoise and the Hare (TH), the Crow and the Pitcher (CP), the Ant and the Dove (AD), and "The Countryman and ...
  • Oversized Matchboxes 

    Unknown author (2010-01-01)

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