Psalm 81
A festival Psalm celebrating God's law.  
To hear God's word is to be sustained with sweetness and life.

Shout joy to God,
the God of our strength,
sing to the God of Jacob.

Lift hearts, strike tambourines,
sound lyre and harp.
Blow trumpets at the New Moon,
till the full moon of our feast.

For this is a law for Israel,
the command of Jacob's God,
decreed for the house of Joseph
when we marched from Egypt.

We heard a voice unknown:
"I lifted burdens from your backs,
a blistering load from your hands.

"You cried out in pain
and I rescued you;
robed in thunder,
I answered you.
At the waters of Meribah
I tested you.

"My people, hear my complaint;
Israel, if you would only listen.
You shall have no other gods,
do not bow before them.
I am the Lord your God.
I brought you out of Egypt
and fed your hungry mouths.

"But you would not hear me,
my people rejected me.
So I hardened your hearts,
and you left me out of your plans.
My people, if youwould only listen!
Israel, walk in my ways!

"Then I will strike your enemy,
and put them all to flight.
With their fate sealed,
my foes will grovel at your feet.
But you, O Israel,
will feast on finest wheat,
will savor pure wild honey."

International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. The Psalter (Chicago , IL: Archdiocese of Chicatio: Liturgy Training Publications 1995)