Daily Reflection
March 31st, 2007

Jeanne Schuler

Philosophy Department
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Ezekiel 37:21-28
Jeremiah 31:10, 11-12abcd, 13
John 11:45-56

A Covenant of Peace

While in exile Ezekiel was granted visions.
More disasters were approaching: the temple will be destroyed.
But the longer view brings comfort.
What is divided will again become one. Israel will be restored. God promises a new covenant.

Jesus is the new covenant. He brings healing and forgiveness. The lowly are lifted up.
Even enemies are invited. He does not kill.
Why, he is a man of peace. Of course, we must get rid of him.

In our time, violence drives millions into exile.
Refugee camps are crowded and unsafe.
Like our ancestors, the scattered dream of returning.

At home, most of us barely notice. War is not my problem. Refugees are forgotten in our busy lives.
Now and then, we check in. The sights disturb us. Flip the channel.

Hardly anyone bothers to act.
Where are the peacemakers, those troublemakers, in my town?

Holy Week begins.
We join those in exile.
Our bones are dry, we thirst.
Our lofty plans are shattered.
We are tired of the killing, tired of our obstinate divisions.
God, make us new.
In the quiet of these days
We turn to You.

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