Daily Reflection
June 12th, 1999
Maureen McCann Waldron
The Collaborative Ministry Office
Immaculate Heart of Mary

2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Psalm 103
Matthew 5:33-37
“Father, you prepared the heart of the Virgin Mary to be a fitting home for your Holy Spirit. By her prayers may we become a more worthy temple of your glory.”
   Opening Prayer, June 12 Liturgy

What an invitation to simplicity this prayer is.  God prepared Mary’s heart to be a “fitting home.”  How simple that sounds and reachable for us as a goal. And, the prayer continues “may we become a more worthy temple for God’s love.” More worthy.  Not perfect. Not sinless. Simply more worthy.

This prayer captures the spirit of today’s celebration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a sometimes quizzical title for a glorious celebration.  An “immaculate heart”?  If I think of an immaculate house as one that is uncluttered and clear of debris, then I can see that Mary’s uncluttered heart was clear of anything other than her joy in giving glory to God.

Mary lived with her feet planted firmly in this world, and yet with her heart directed to God.  She wasn’t protected from the pains and challenges of this world. Instead she entered into them to the fullest and trusted in God.

That’s just what we are invited to do in the celebration of Mary’s uncluttered heart and in today’s gospel.  Jesus isn’t urging us to live our lives swearing by heaven and making a flashy show of our devotion.  Instead Jesus encourages us simply to carry out the vows we have made to the Lord.  “Let your word be ‘Yes’ if ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if ‘No.’”  In other words, keep it simple and honest. Trust in God that we don’t need to wrap our promises in grandiose language and impossible goals. God will love and care for us regardless of how we ask.

Today we celebrate with Mary her uncluttered-ness and her simplicity as she proclaims in her prayer, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord” and we, along with her, let our word be, Yes.

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