Daily Reflection
April 15th, 1999
Larry Gillick, S.J.
The Deglman Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Acts 5:27-33
John 3:31-36

We listen to two different court scenes in today's readings.  The Apostles have been preaching about "that name."  They had been forbidden to do so.  "Better for us to obey God than men," Peter replies.  Peter testifies to his belief in Jesus and testifies that Jesus has brought forgiveness of sins to the people of Jerusalem.  Their confronting of the Jewish leaders leads these leaders to anger and desires to kill these testifiers to "the name."

In the gospel, Jesus picks up the theme of testimony during His talk with Nicodemus. "The one Who has come from heaven, Who is above all, testifies to what He has seen and heard, but no one accepts His testimony."

Jesus is His Own proof and asks His listener to accept in faith what he is being offered.  Faith is not a result of incontrovertible proofs, but the growing result of a relationship.  Proof and exhibits are for the judicial, responding in faith is for the journeyer.  Jesus encourages His friend in his journey, "Whoever believes in the Son has life eternal."

We are celebrating our living towards the eternal life that has been promised by Christ's Easter rising.  We naturally want more and more signs, proofs and indications that this life is blessed and it is leading towards a much more blessed and ever-lasting life.  Believing in Jesus, believing in His resurrection, is not easy, but believing that this life leads us on a journey towards a "heaven," that begs for more proof.

We pray these days of Easter for a closer relationship with Jesus so that He softens our human demands for more testimony in the courtroom of our minds.  He came, He rose, not to convince, nor convict, but invite.  In Him, we see our lives as a journey with a "live-end."  Every day, today, is one more step towards, not the "courtroom," but the "Living-Room" of the eternal.  Lord, bless our unbelief and excuse our jury-like demands.

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