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April 19th, 2012

Joan Blandin Howard

Christian Spirituality Program
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Thursday in the Second Week of Easter
[270] Acts 5:27-33
Psalm 34:2+9, 17-18, 19-20
John 3:31-36


            A grandmother sat gently cuddling and cooing to her newest grandbaby.
            Snuggled in under her arm and peeking at Little Brother was
            Big Sister.  By way of introduction, Big Sister said
            to Little Brother, “This is Granny, you’re really going to like her.”

Today’s rather convoluted gospel reading says about the same thing as this little story – only differently.  In the reading we hear, the one who is of God, “… speaks to what he has seen and heard”.  He does not “speak(s) of earthly things”.  He speaks to the truth which he has experienced. He speaks to that which he knows, trusts and has faith.  In other words, he testifies to the unique, intimate and loving relationship he shares with God.  He wants his testimony to be heard and he wants to share the experience.

This child, this little girl, Big Sister speaks from her own unique, intimate and loving relationship with her Granny.  She wants her little brother to know that Granny is the one who makes yummy chocolate-chip cookies and lets you have 3!  She wants him to know that Granny will read 4 stories at nap time and she will even lie down beside you and have naps with you.  She wants him to know that Granny will be there when he falls off his bike and needs a hug and a kiss and a couple of superhero band-aids. She wants him to know that there is always a comfy lap, even when you are naughty. She wants him to know that Granny is the very best and you are really going to like her. She wants him to know and love Granny just as she does. Even more, she wants him to know Granny’s love for him. This is all very special and she wants him to be part of it.

The good-news is we all have a big sister. Who was my big sister?  Who was it that because of their experience of God’s love and their love for me introduced me to Love, to God? Who was it for me who testified to the trustworthiness of God? Who was it? A parent, grandparent, family member, spouse, friend or maybe even a complete stranger?  Someone did. Someone knew of God’s deep abiding love. Someone deeply loved me. That someone shared God’ love with me. Who was it? That someone wanted me to experience God’s love.  And who is it I want to share the awe and wonder of the experience of Love, of God?
That all God’s grand children may glorify God.

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