Daily Reflection
July 8th, 1999
Andy Alexander, S.J.
University Ministry and Collaborative Ministry Office
Genesis 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5
Matthew 10:7-15

Send me, Lord.  Send me with this call, with these assurances.  I so want to tell others that your power, your reign, is at hand.  At hand, whenever we feel out of control.  Very near when we are broken, or at least broken-hearted.  That you can reign when we seem least able to.

Send me, Lord.  Send me with this freedom.  Too often have I tried to go about my life, provisioning myself, providing for comforts, at least protections against much need.  I bring so much on the journey, and I'm always looking for more.  How could I possibly go as you send me, while I'm still so focused on acquiring more stuff?  Free me from all the possessions and provisions that I have become dependent upon, and which make me less send-able.

Send me, Lord.  Open my eyes.  Open my heart.  How can I heal, cleanse, cast out or raise to life unless I feel the pain, experience the isolation, confront the demons, or face the death of your loved ones?  Attune me.  Un-defend my heart to be vulnerable to the suffering of others.  Draw my poor-at-loving heart next to yours, that I might learn loving from you.  That I might love as freely you have loved me.

Send me, Lord.  Send me to stay where there is need.  How can I love and heal and confront and give life, if my staying or leaving depends upon the fragile peace in my heart?  Let me go to whom you send me and stay there, trusting in your promise of secure and abiding peace.  Your reign is indeed near, wherever you send me.

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