Daily Reflection
July 15th, 2000
Cathy Weiss Pedersen
Campus Ministry
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Saint Bonaventure, bishop and doctor - Memorial 
Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalms 93:1-2, 5
Matthew 10:24-33

Ready or not…here I come!

As children, many of us have played ‘Hide & Seek,’ where all but one participant runs to find a hiding place while the person who is, ‘IT,’ counts to 25, or 100, or ???  Upon completing the count, the “IT” person calls out, “Ready or not…here I come,” and then begins to discover each person in his/her hiding place.   

In today’s reading, Isaiah also announces his readiness to come out – to respond to God’s call:  “Here I am…Send me!”  However, a bit earlier, Isaiah cries, “Woe is me, I am doomed!  For I am a man of unclean lips….”  What changed Isaiah’s fear to readiness was the seraphim’s cleansing of Isaiah’s lips with the altar’s embers.  Then Isaiah felt ready to respond to God’s call, “Who will go for us?” 

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus commissions his followers to, “…speak in the light” what Jesus tells them in the darkness; “…to proclaim from the housetops,” what they hear in private from Jesus.  As followers, we are to become like our teacher, Jesus.  We also are reminded that we are constantly in God’s care, “…so do not be afraid of anything!”

I suppose in the children’s game, the phrase, ‘…ready or not,’ can refer to the fact that whether or not the other game’s participants are hidden, the “IT” person is ready to seek them out.  In reflecting on today’s readings, are we ready to come out – be found by the seeker…by our God?  Are we ready to say, ‘Here I am….send me?”  

In part, our readiness depends on what precedes our response.  If I want to be ready to be God’s presence to others, but am not faithful in taking time to be present to God personally, I will have a difficult time trying to share God’s presence and message to others.  What/Where do I spend my reflective time?  Do I spend reflective time, or just expect God’s presence to be magically known to me when I am ready to come out – to share God with others?  

Jesus reminds us that no student can be greater than the teacher.  Jesus’ message of God’s love came out of his time in reflection, in prayer.  Jesus took the time to be with his God in order to proclaim to others his understanding of God.  Can we do any less?  When/Where do I spend my reflective time?  Do I make/find time to be in relationship with my God?  What is shared with me in my time with God is what I can share with others… but not until I allow myself to experience this relationship will I be able to offer others an insight into a relationship with God.   

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