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November 28th, 2013

Dick Hauser, S.J.
Theology Department
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Thursday in the 34th Week of Ordinary Time (INTL)
[506] Daniel 6:12-28
Daniel 3:68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74
Luke 21:20-28

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There are very few Old Testament stories as unforgettable and riveting as today's story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. We are awed  at Daniel's utter confidence in God to sustain him  through his impending death.  

Faith in  God is the bedrock of Daniel's existence. Daniel trusted that God would not abandon him in his crisis. Although there is no way Daniel could have known how God would would help him,  he never doubted that God would.

His faith conquered all: "My God has sent his angel and closed the lions' mouths so they did not hurt me."

All human existence is fraught with challenge -- indeed for many with unexplainable suffering. But we Christians know two things:  1) God as creator of the universe permits these challenges, and 2)  God as our savior is with us through them.

Jesus on Calvary is our witness. 

And doesn't the Preacher's Prayer fit our human condition: "Lord, I know that nothing can happen to me today that You and I together can't handle"?

And isn't the testimony of King Darius the testimony of every true believer?

"For he is the living God, enduring forever;
his kingdom shall not be destroyed, 
and his dominion shall be without end.
He is deliverer and savior,
working signs and wonders in heaven and on earth,
and he delivered Daniel from the lions' power."

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