Daily Reflection
November 7th, 2003
Steve Kline
Public Relations
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Romans 15:14-21
Psalm 98:1, 2-3, 3-4
Luke 16:1-8

The dishonest steward is accused of squandering his master’s property.  I’ve read that this parable teaches the prudent use of material wealth in the face of a looming crisis.

However, the reading makes me think of how I choose to make use of what the Lord has given me. There are many ways to squander the Master’s gifts.  It makes me wonder:  Do I give appropriate care to the things that have been entrusted to me?

What about my wife and children?  They are beautiful and they love me.  Do they get the time and the attention they deserve, or do I squander time I could be spending with them?

What about my faith life?  Do I take time each day – more than a few minutes -- for prayer and meditation?  Or am I just too overwhelmed with tasks to worry about such things?  Focusing on my busy-ness to the exclusion of my relationship with Jesus could be construed as wasting my life.

And my work?  Do I honor in my heart and in my deeds my pact with my employer?  Do I make full use of the talents and abilities that have been given to me?  Do I honestly, cheerfully and responsibly carry out my assigned duties?  Failing to do so is dishonest and erodes my spiritual health.

What about other people?  Do they receive from me appropriate care, regard, respect?  Or do I discriminate, backstab, or ignore individuals based on whether they happen to be useful or attractive to me?

Am I driven to fill every minute of the day with “productive” activity, or do I spend time enjoying the poetry, beautiful music or good companionship that the Lord has provided in such abundance?

A simple prayer for today: Lord, help me recognize your gifts to me, and help me to make the right use of them.

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