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    • F & J Enters. v. DeMontigny 

      Unknown author (1996)
      6 Neb. App. 259
    • F & T, Inc. v. Nebraska Liquor Control Comm'n 

      Unknown author (1997)
      7 Neb. App. 973
    • F-18-fluoro-deoxy-glucose positron emission tomography in the assessment of peripheral T-cell lymphomas 

      Bishu, S.; Quigley, J. M.; Schmitz, J.; Bishu, S. R.; Stemm, R. A.; Olsasky, S. M.; Paknikar, S.; Holdeman, K. H.; Armitage, J. O.; Hankins, J. H. (2007)
    • F. & N. Investments, Inc. v. Behrens 

      Unknown author (1990)
    • Faaborg v. Faaborg 

      Unknown author (1996)
      254 Neb. 501
    • Fabel 

      Leibfried, Erwin (C.C. Buchners Verlag. Bamberg, 1984)
      This is a helpful resource book for the study of fable. As the back cover declares, Der Band ermöglicht eine umfassende Beschäftigung mit dem Komplex Fabel anhand primärer Texte. It has three major sections. The first ...
    • Fabel 

      No Author (J.B. Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandllung. Stuttgart, 1973)
      Here is a well-packed, small-print paperback of 114 pages with a wealth of basic material for understanding the genre fable. The book was first published in 1967, and this is a second, improved and extended, edition. As ...
    • Fabel och Anekdot inom Sveriges 1700-Talslitteratur 

      Hjerten, Ivar (Aktiebolaget Ljus. Stockholm, 1910)
      "That title translates into something like "Fable and Anecdote in Swedish 1700s Literature." I believe that La Fontaine provides the instigation; he is mentioned in the first lines of the introduction. Apparently the ...
    • Fabel und Parabel, mit Materialien 

      Müller, Hans-Georg; Wolff, Jürgen (Ernst Klett. Stuttgart, 1982)
      A wonderful little book that presents texts of the same fable from various authors for comparison, and then a quick German sampler. Further into the first half on fable, there are good short secondary readings. Typical ...
    • De fabel van de fabelachtige veenmol 

      Doeve, Eppo; Pola, Alexander (Veenman. Wageningen, 1978)
      This is a dear little book. Its 48 pages are filled with lovely illustrations of animals doing all sorts of things, but apparently mostly producing books, newspapers, and other texts. I struggled a long time to try to ...
    • Fabel von Bahndamm und andere Fablen & Texte 

      Stomps, Viktor Otto (Verlag Eremiten-Presse. Düsseldorf, 1977)
      "Here is another book about which I can honestly say: "I have no idea what to do with this book!" I believe it honors "VauO," Viktor Otto Stomps, by presenting some of his works along with strong full-page woodcuts. I ...
    • Fabelbuch 

      Hey, Wilhelm (Loewes Verlag Ferdinand Carl. Stuttgart, 1921)
      A check of the first half of the thirty-one fables in this unpaginated, sideways book confirms that all are in the 1836 Opera-Verlag edition illustrated by Otto Speckter. The illustrations here are simpler: sometimes ...
    • Fabelbuch für die Jugend 

      Gesammelt und bearbeitet von Julius Hoffmann (Julius Hoffmann. Stuttgart, 1880)
      Here is a sturdy book in very good condition featuring a strong chromolithograph pasted onto its cloth cover: King Lion is seated on a raised dias, surrounded by various animals and with an arch behind him proclaiming the ...
    • Fabelbuch: Eine Auswahl deutscher Fabeldichtungen 

      Ziehen, Julius (L. Ehlermann. Leipzig/Dresden/Berlin, 1900)
      The first third of this 81-page book is taken up with an introduction. As the closing T of C shows, we turn first to Lessing's verse fables and then to his prose fables. The usual suspects follow in order: Hagedorn, ...
    • Fabelbüchlein 

      No Author (Quadrate Buchhandlung und Antiquariat, Mannheim. 1995)
      Here was a very lucky find on this visit's first day in Mannheim. I had found some things in this store on various previous visits. Many of the other used book shops in Mannheim have ceased to exist, so I was happy to ...
    • Fabelen en Gedichtjes 

      Goeverneur, J. J. A; Hey, Wilhelm (Hugo Suringar. Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 1888)
      It is disappointing to open this book and find it, apparently, a Dutch translation of Wilhelm Hey's work, with the pictures transformed from those of Otto Speckter. I am disappointed because I do not think that those texts ...
    • Fabelen en Vertelsels 

      Gellert, Christian Fürchtegott; Nieuwenhuizen, Johan van (Uitgeverij V.A. Kramers. Te 's-GravenhageTe's-Gravenhage, 1963)
      A beautiful paperback facsimile (?) of the first Dutch translation (1781) of Gellert's 1772 work. Fifty-six fables, with one engraving for each fable. I wish I could be sure that this is a facsimile, and not some other ...
    • Fabelen van de la Fontaine voor de Jeugd. 

      La Fontaine, Jean de; Wiegman, Jan (G.B. van Goor Zonen. Den Haag, 1940)
      A lovely edition, which seems to come from the library of the author/illustrator himself. Lively and witty orange-and-black illustrations, with some silhouettes included. Notice the rock-throwing bear on 35. T of C at the end.
    • De Fabelen van La Fontaine 

      No Author (Uitgevers-Maatschappy Elsevier.. Amsterdam, 1870)
      Maybe the loveliest book I have. Beautiful large illustrations in a lavish book. Four types of illustrations: full-page dark, part-page dark, part-page light, and vignettes (often witty and pointed). Some of the excellent ...