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    • Teal Wicker Stripe Plates 

      Unknown author (?)
      1. Cake plate: Characters from all five plates. 2. The Grasshopper and the Ant. 3. The Milkmaid. 4. The Wolf and the Lamb. 5. The Lion and the Mosquito. 6. The Fox and the Crow
    • 1921 Commencement, Outdoor Procession through Jesuit Gardens 

      Bostwick, Louis R. (Louis R. Bostwick. 21-0)
      Outdoor procession of graduates through the Jesuit Gardens and past the Sacred Heart statue during the 1921 Creighton University commencement activites.
    • Peterson v. City of Genoa 

      Unknown author (87)
    • Cigarette Cards (Gallaher, 100 Card Series) 

      Unknown author (nd)
      The illustrations, nicely detailed for their size, are identical in each set. The picture side always features "Gallaher's Cigarettes" and a block-print title on the colored picture, with "Copyright" in the lower right ...
    • Wooden purse signed by Enid Collins 

      Unknown author (162)
      A painted fox with rhinestone eyes sits beneath a bough of purple cabochon grapes. Some of these are missing. Inside the lid is a mirror and "The Original Box Bag by Collins of Texas hand-decorated for You! Copyright 1962 ...
    • Handkerchiefs 

      Unknown author (193)
      It took twelve years, but this purchase solves a mystery. I had found a copy of this book in 1999 and saw it as a coloring book. "What it has to do with a hankie neither the seller nor I can figure out," I wrote then, ...
    • Dager v. Lancaster County Board of Equalization 

      Unknown author (200-11-06)
    • 1912 Father William Rigge, S.J. and the Shadow Photograph 

      Unknown author (Arthur E. Dunn. May)
      Father William Rigge, S.J., was asked to determine the time of day this photograph was taken based upon its shadows as it was to be used as defense evidence in judicial proceedings.
    • 1927 Mother's Day 

      Unknown (Unkown. May)
      Participants of a Mother's Day event gather on the campus lawn.
    • Creighton Memorial Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Student Guide 

      Creighton Memorial Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing (pre-1949)
      The traditions and regulations of the Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing have been explained to you in this booklet. They are intended to guide you and to promote the welfare of the student ...
    • Affiliate Hand-Book 

      Creighton Memorial Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing (pre-1949)
      In this little booklet are explained the traditions and regulations of the School. They are not intended to restrict the individual, but rather to promote the welfare of the whole group. The faculty hopes that your life ...
    • Advent Audio Reflections 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 1/1/2000)
      One to two minute audio reflections: God's coming to us in our poverty, Patient Fidelity, Preparing for a lonely or difficult Christmas?, Have I missed Advent?, and A Reflection on the Manger's Meaning
    • Lenten Audio Conversations 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 1/1/2000)
      The audio files to the right are conversations about Lent. For people who have appreciated the other audio files on this site, we decided to record our discussions about each week of Lent. It is an easy way to simply listen ...
    • Life/form Adult Venipuncture and Injection Training Arm 

      NASCO (1/16/2013)
      This revolutionary training arm provides complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy, plus sites for intramuscular and intradermal injections. An extensive 8-line vascular system allows students to practice ...
    • Diagnostic Face with Lesions 

      Limbs and Things Limited (1/16/2013)
      Visual aid for teaching the recognition of a wide variety of skin lesions: Sebaceous cyst in scalp, Sebaceous cyst in ear lobe, Meibomian cyst inside the eye lid, Cyst in mouth, Skin tags on the eyelids and under the chin, ...
    • Fundus Skills and Assessment Simulator 

      Laerdal Medical (1/16/2013)
      Simulator features the normal anatomy of the postpartum female abdomen designed for training fundus assessment and massage skills. Model includes: Upper thighs articulate for positioning, Realistic landmark of the symphysis ...
    • Testicle Examination 

      Unknown author (1/17/2013)
      Made of SKINlike silicon, this life-size testicle model offers an extremely natural feel for learning and practicing testicle examination with a simulated patient. The scrotum contains two movable testicles, the epididymi ...
    • Pediatric Multi-Venous IV Training Arm 

      Laerdal Medical (1/17/2013)
      Lifelike pediatric arm reproduction with multi-vein system designed for peripheral intravenous therapy. Procedures include: venipuncture in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of the hand; accessible veins including median, ...
    • The Empathy Belly: Pregnancy Simulator 

      3B Scientific (1/19/2011)
      Enables female and male wearers to experience symptoms and effects of pregnancy. Designed for expectant fathers, teenagers of both sexes, medical students, and obstetrical doctors and nurses. Torso garment includes main ...
    • Branched 4-vessel Ultrasound Training Block 

      Blue Phantom (1/21/2011)
      Blue Phantom Select Series Branched 4 Vessel vascular access ultrasound training model is an excellent training phantom to help clinicians develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary for guiding ultrasound guided ...