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    • Det svarta fåret och andra fabler 

      No Author (Brutus Östlings bokforlag Symposion. Stehag, Sweden, 1993)
      This is a strong edition of Monterroso's work, starting from the front dust-jacket's The General on a Horse painting. Are the frequent black-and-white illustrations here from Santillana Ediciones Generales (2011)? I wrote ...
    • La Oveja negra y demas fabulas 

      Meléndez, Francisco; Monterroso, Augusto (Alfaguara. Col. Del Valle, MexicoMexico, D.F., 1994)
      Meléndez proves here, I believe, to be the perfect artist for Monterroso's work. Among the best black-and-white illustrations here are La Oveja negra (23 and front cover); El espejo que no podía dormir (27); El Búho que ...