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    • Aesop's Fables 

      Aesop (Hillside Press. New HampshireTilton, N.H., 1974)
      A nicely executed miniature, with some pen markings on the title page and elsewhere. Eight fables, each with an illustration. And Aesop is illustrated in the frontispiece. The illustrations are more original than ...
    • Bewick's Select Fables: With Engraved Illustrations of the Original Woodcuts 

      Aesop (Hillside Press. Franklin, N.H.Franklin, NH, 1965)
      Here is the original of the cheaper 1974 edition that I had found earlier. This edition adds the numbering and a dust jacket. I also think the paper and binding are superior. It was done at the Hillside Press itself, ...
    • Eastern Fables 

      No Author (Hillside Press. 1973)
      Six fables from the Panchatantra, each with an illustration. The Gardener and the Bear and The Crane and the Craw-Fish are familiar to me. Good examples of the Panchatantra's more rambling style.
    • Florian's Fables 

      Florian; Grandville, J. J (The Hillside Press. Franklin, N.H.Franklin, NH, 1970)
      Nicely executed miniature. Nine fables, each with an illustration. The translator is the same as in my 1888 version. Florian's fables still strike me as preachy: there is little action and plenty of moralizing talk.