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    • Uniform definition of asthma severity, control, and exacerbations: Document presented for the World Health Organization Consultation on Severe Asthma 

      Bousquet, Jean; Mantzouranis, Eva; Cruz, Alvaro A.; Baena-Cagnani, Carlos E.; Bleecker, Eugene R.; Brightling, Chris E.; Burney, Peter; Bush, Andrew; Busse, William W.; Casale, Thomas B.; Chan-Yeung, Moira; Chen, Rongchang; Chowdhury, Badrul; Chung, Kian F.; Dahl, Ronald; Drazen, Jeffrey M.; Fabbri, Leonardo M.; Holgate, Stephen T.; Kauffmann, Francine; Haahtela, Tari; Kiley, James P.; Masjedi, Mohammad R.; Mohammad, Yousser; O'Byrne, Paul; Partridge, Martyn R.; Rabe, Klaus F.; Togias, Alkis; van Weel, Christiaan; Wenzel, Sally; Zhong, Nanshan; Zuberbier, Torsten; A��t-Khaled, Nadia; Khaltaev, Nikola�� (2010)