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dc.contributor.authorWard, Edward G.en_US
dc.contributor.illustratorNA, variousen_US
dc.identifier.other11105 (Access ID)en_US
dc.description.abstractHere is an extra copy in poor condition. Nine fables (13, 14, 21, 23, 30, 36, 37, 53, and 65), some with simple illustrations. The best illustrations are for TH (36) and "The Donkey and the Salt" (54-5). The stork (65) finishes off the frogs and seeks "some other company of frogs that might want a king." There are some pencil markings. AI at the back acknowledges Aesop. "Rational reading" includes letters crossed out and sounds indicated. Page 44 features the same picture as 85 of Wheeler's Second Reader (1903).en_US
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityEdward G. Warden_US
dc.publisherSilver, Burdett and Co.en_US
dc.subject.lccxPE1117.W364 1899en_US
dc.titleThe Rational Method in Reading. Third Reader.en_US
dc.typeBook, Whole
dc.acquired.locationUnknown sourceen_US
dc.description.bindingThis is a hardbound book (hard cover)en_US
dc.fables.otherGood copy: 972en_US

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