In 2009, A Century of Creighton University School of Law Faculty Publications, 1904-2004 was published. This digital collection continues that publication for faculty members who have left the Creighton University School of Law since 2004 and who have works that were not included in that publication. It includes the works written while they were affiliated with Creighton and provides electronic copies when available. Books, book chapters, articles, and book reviews are included, as well as continuing legal education and seminar materials (when a paper copy is available). Publications written by current faculty are available on the Current Faculty Publications page of the Creighton Digital Repository.

Andrus, Kay L. Pearlstein, Arthur
Aronson, Bruce E. Pearson, Eric
Belian, Julia Purcell, Thomas J., III
Chiappinelli, Eric A. Shugrue, Richard E.
Culhane, Marianne B. Strand, Palma J.
Dickhute, Nancy Lawler Strom, Lyle E.
Ebner, Noam Van Tassel, Katharine
Font-Guzman, Jacqueline Volkmer, Ronald R.
Kuttner, Ran Whitten, Ralph U.
Mayer, Bernard S. Wiseman, Christine M.
Mirkay, Nicholas A.

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