Tie to Creighton University

Most officials of the Omaha Committee (OCFR) over its nearly 50 years were faculty members of Creighton University performing their roles as a public service. The Council on Foreign Relations, New York City, created the Committee as one of more than 35 affiliates, each to be a nucleus of informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy, contributing local views to the speakers and the Council. While the meetings of the Committee with policy makers, journalists, diplomats, and international business and government officials were held on a not-for-attribution basis, the OCFR officials generally arranged campus visits and news media contacts to widen a speaker’s impact.

Notice about the collection

Creighton University Archives contain the original files from which a team headed by Kenneth L. Wise extracted the information on this site; Dr. Wise has added occasional notes and classifications.
The full files, available through the office of the University Archivist, include Omaha Committee membership and finance information plus correspondence between the Omaha Committee and the New York Council on Foreign Relations with further materials about persons who declined to speak or cancelled and documents pertinent to Omaha participation in the Council’s annual Conference of Committees in New York City.

Recent Submissions

  • U.S. Soviet Relations: What's Next? 

    Combs, Richard E. (1984)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Combs holds a Ph.D. from Berkeley, attended the Army's Advanced Russian Studies Institute, has served in the US Embassy in Moscow twice, and has also served in Bulgaria, the United Nations, and as ...
  • NATO's Future 

    Eberle, Adm James (1983)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|James Henry Fuller Eberle was born in Bristol in May, 1927 and educated at Clifton College, Dartmouth, as a cadet in 1940.In 1977 he was promoted to Vice Admiral and became Chief of Fleet Support and a ...
  • Southeast Asian Politics 

    Coomaraswamy, Punch (1982)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Coomaraswamy has served as Singapore's ambassador to the United States starting in 1976. He was born in Malaysia and schooled there, he studied law in Nottingham University, England, obtaining as LL.B. ...
  • Perspectives On Recent Events in the Middle East 

    El-Fattal, Randa Khalidi (1984)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Jerusalem, Ms. El-Fattal recieved her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Oxford University in English language and literature. She has served as a visiting professor in the University of Damascus, has ...
  • US Economic Measures Viewed from France 

    de Warren, Reginald (1972)
    de Warren was born in Sedan, France, June 30,1910. He has a Law Degree at the University of Paris and is a Graduate of the "Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales" and of the Saumur Cavalry School. He served in the French ...
  • The Necessity For Alliance 

    de Hoop Scheffer, Jakob G. N. (1986)
    In 1972, Mr. de Hoop Scheffer was appointed Ambassador in Baghdad. From 1973-1979 he served in the Foreign Ministry, first as Director of European Affairs. In 1979 he was appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ...
  • Future Shock in Asia 

    Coon, Carleton S. (1974)
    One of Coon's tours in the diplomatic service was as deputy chief of mission and occasionally charge d'affairs at Kathmandu, Nepal, 1970-1973. HIs wife served as Political Officer in Karachi and at the Consulate General ...
  • An Arab View of the Middle East Conflict 

    El Goulli, Slahddine (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr El Goulli was born in Sousse, Tunisia, on the 22nd of June, 1919. His academic background includes Superior Diplomas in political-economy and international law from the Law School of Paris and a Doctorate ...
  • US - Soviet Relations and the Question of Detente 

    Dornberg, John (1973)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A native of Erfurt, Germany, Mr. Dornberg is a graduate in journalism of the University of Denver and has been associated with the Overseas Weekly, the New York Herald Tribune, the Toronto Star, and the ...
  • The Rapid Deployment Force and U.S. Foreign Policy 

    Mall, William J. (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|General Mall was born in Pittsburgh. He was Commissioned through the University of Pittsburgh's Reserve Officer training program in 1954. In nearly 30 years of service, he has flown more than 7,000 hours ...
  • Romanian - United States Relations 

    Malitza, Mircea (1984)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|His Ph.D. in mathematics is from Columbia in New York City, he has been Romanian President Ceausescu's advisor on numerous technical issues, and he was a respected analyst and writer on diplomatic theory.
  • New Directions in American-European Relations: East and West 

    Nagorski, Zygmunt (1972)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Nagorski was educated in the Universities of Cracow, Paris, and Geneva. He came to the US in 1948. His career in journalism inculded his being editor-in-chief of the Foriegn News Service, special reporting ...
  • The Great Triangle: Washington, Moscow, Peking 

    Mehnert, Klaus (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born October 10. 1906, of German parents in Moscow Russia. Moved to Germany in 1914, PhD at University of Berlin, 1928. Exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley 1928-29. Editor Osteuropa ...
  • Force Projection of Air Power 

    Mall, William J. (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|General Mall was born in Pittsburgh. He was Commissioned through the University of Pittsburgh's Reserve Officer training program in 1954. In nearly 30 years of service, he has flown more than 7,000 hours ...
  • West Africa: Conditions and Prospects 

    Morgan, George A. (1969)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born December 2, 1905 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The ambassador's professional and foreign service expirience has been varied indeed. He has been on the faculties of Harvard, Hamilton, and Duke universities, ...
  • US - Japanese Relations 

    Meyer, Armin H. (1972)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Meyer was appointed to his post In Japan in May, 1969. Prior to that he had extensive experience in the Middle East and Southeast Asis: Public Affairs Officer at Embasy in Baghdad, 1946; Deputy ...
  • Reviving Farm Exports: Political Dos and Don'ts 

    Paarlberg, Robert L. (1988)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Robert L. Paarlberg was an Associate Professor of political science at Wellesley College and an Associate at the Harvard Center for International Affairs. He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and an ...
  • Challenge of Speaking for the U.S. 

    Oakley, Phyllis (1987)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ms. Oakley recieved her B.A. from Northwestern and an M.A. from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She has been a Congressional Fellow, Desk Officer for Afghanistan, and the first wife of an ambassador ...
  • Relations Between East and West Germany 

    Van Voorst, Bruce (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Starting in 1962, Mr. Van Voorst's assignments have taken him to and involved him in foreign affairs reporting in our capital, Cyprus, Kenya, the 1964 Panama riots, every country of Latin America - twice, ...
  • China's Reforms and Changing Ways of Thinking 

    Zhao, Jinglun (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Suzhou, China, in 1923, Mr. Zhao was a student and teacher of economics in China before doing graduate work at Vanderbilt and Harvard between 1948 and 1950. Between 1951 and 1980 he was a journalist ...

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