Tie to Creighton University

Most officials of the Omaha Committee (OCFR) over its nearly 50 years were faculty members of Creighton University performing their roles as a public service. The Council on Foreign Relations, New York City, created the Committee as one of more than 35 affiliates, each to be a nucleus of informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy, contributing local views to the speakers and the Council. While the meetings of the Committee with policy makers, journalists, diplomats, and international business and government officials were held on a not-for-attribution basis, the OCFR officials generally arranged campus visits and news media contacts to widen a speaker’s impact.

Notice about the collection

Creighton University Archives contain the original files from which a team headed by Kenneth L. Wise extracted the information on this site; Dr. Wise has added occasional notes and classifications.
The full files, available through the office of the University Archivist, include Omaha Committee membership and finance information plus correspondence between the Omaha Committee and the New York Council on Foreign Relations with further materials about persons who declined to speak or cancelled and documents pertinent to Omaha participation in the Council’s annual Conference of Committees in New York City.

Recent Submissions

  • Politics and Development in Ethiopia: Past and Present 

    Wolde, Goshu (1988)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Goshu has recieved various degrees from Yale University and Addis Ababa University. He has held positions such as Minister of Education of Ethiopia; Chairman of the National Literacy Campaign; Chairman ...
  • Trends In NATO and The Warsaw Pact Since The Summit 

    Zic, Zoran (1986)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Zic was a research Associate at the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. For the remainder of the 1985 academic year, he held a fellowship at the Institute for ...
  • Report on the CFR Visit to the USSR 

    Wise, Kenneth L. (1988)
    SUMMARY| He covered perestroika and actual and potential changes under glasnost and demokratizayatsia.
  • Japan - American Realtions, Emphasis on Labor Affairs 

    Immerman, Robert (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Immerman recieved his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Lyon, France. In 1956 entered the Department of State Foreign Service. Assignments have ...
  • British and American Systems of Government Compared 

    Gordon-Walker, Patrick (1970)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A leader of the Labour Party and member of Parliment and the Privy Coucil, Mr. Gordon-Walker has held various high government positions beginning in 1947. He was successivley Parlimentary Undersecretary ...
  • The Pentagon, The Press and The Public 

    Goulding, Phil G. (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in San Francisco on March 28th, 1921, he recieved a B.S. at Hamilton College in 1943. He was a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer from 1947-1965; a member of the Washington Bureau of this paper ...
  • Spain and Its Foreign Policy 

    Gress, Edmund (1973)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Edmund Gress, who was a correspondant for CBS News in Madrid from 1959-1969, was the first broadcast correspondant to have made regular voice reports from Spain beginning in April 1959. He also did the ...
  • Politics of South Africa 

    Fick. E.M.C. (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|In 1955 he joined the Shell Company of South Africa as an Executive Trainee. In 1957, he returned to the practice of Law and enrolled as Attorney and Notary Public. 1964, became partner in the firm of ...
  • Romania's Foreign Policy: A Nuisance for the West? 

    Gabanyi, Anneli Ute (1987)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Anneli Gabanyi was born in Bucharest, and attended Cluj University in Romania, studying English and Romanian philology. At Clermont-Ferrand University in Auvergne, France, she earned a certificate in ...
  • Indian Foreign Policy and the Changing World 

    Gonsalves, Eric (1973)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Gonsalves was born in 1928, graduated from the University of Madras, and joined the Foreign Service in 1950.
  • Vietnam: A Negotiated Settlement? 

    Fishel, Wesley R. (1970)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Fishel had been involved in Vietnamese affairs since 1954 when he spent a year there as a consultant on government reorganization. He was Chief of the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory group in ...
  • Nicaraguan - U.S. Realtions 

    Espinoza, Ricardo (1986)
    SUMMARY| He touched salient points of the history of the relations of our two countries, current policy frictions, the aircraft downing, and his wishes for improvement in our relations.
  • Relations Between East and West Germany 

    Van Voorst, Bruce (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Starting in 1962, Mr. Van Voorst's assignments have taken him to and involved him in foreign affairs reporting in our capital, Cyprus, Kenya, the 1964 Panama riots, every country of Latin America - twice, ...
  • Canadian-American Realtions and the Energy Crisis 

    Timmerman, John (1974)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Canada's Consul General in the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. Guest of Dr. Ross Horning, History Department, Creighton University.
  • Britian and Europe 

    Unwin, Peter W. (1969)
    ANNECDOTE| Peter Unwin helped teach me that "Information Officers," government mouthpieces, care little for analysis or expanding our thinking. They may be useful in giving one-off answers to news media questions that ...
  • Meeting tthe Demand for Food and Fiber in the Next Quarter Century 

    Tussey, W. Glenn (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|From 1949-1962, Tussey held various positions at County, State, and Federal levels of the Agricultural Extension Service. From 1962-1966 he was the Branch Chief, Foreign Marketing Branch, Cotton Division, ...
  • Agrarian Reform, The Philippines and the Future 

    Taruc, Luis (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was in prison until about 1967 when he was given a Presidential pardon, and from then until 1968 he worked closely with church-related organizations and mass movements. He lectured at universities, ...
  • Technology Serving Mankind 

    Vanice, Jerome (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Vanice started and managed his own successful small business for twenty-five years and then moved to transmitting his proven skills of entrepreneurship to East Africans. At that time Mr. Vanice was ...
  • The Law of the Sea: Where Do We Go From Here? 

    Swing, John Temple (1983)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was Expert Consultant to the US Department of State on sea law and acted as special advisor to the US Ambassadors to the Sea Law Conference. Before joining the Council on Foreign Relations staff in ...
  • Prospects For Political Developments in the Philippines 

    Tatad, Francisco S. (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Tatad was the principal co-author, 1984 constitutional amendment reestablishing succession to the Philippine Presidency by creating the Office of Vice-President. He was also the author, 1984 constitutional ...

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