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    • After the Ceasefire: What Lies Ahead for Iran and Iraq 

      Sick, Gary (1988)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Sick was a member of the National Security Council Staff from 1976 to 1981. During this time he was directly associated with the White House decision-making on Middle East issues during the administrations ...
    • Agrarian Reform, The Philippines and the Future 

      Taruc, Luis (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was in prison until about 1967 when he was given a Presidential pardon, and from then until 1968 he worked closely with church-related organizations and mass movements. He lectured at universities, ...
    • Alliance Cooperation and East-West Relations 

      Johnson, David L. (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Johnson was born 1938, Folkestone, Kent, England. In 1957 he entered the Royal Air Force and in 1959 he entered HM Diplomatic Service. He has been assigned to British Embassies in both Moscow and ...
    • An Arab View of the Middle East Conflict 

      El Goulli, Slahddine (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr El Goulli was born in Sousse, Tunisia, on the 22nd of June, 1919. His academic background includes Superior Diplomas in political-economy and international law from the Law School of Paris and a Doctorate ...
    • The Arabs and Prospects for a Middle East Settlement 

      Polk, William R. (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Polk has degrees from Harvard and Oxford Universities among othersIn 1961-65 Dr. Polk was in Washington, D.C., as a member of the Policy Planning Council, Department of State.
    • Arms Control Prospects in the Wake of the Geneva Summit 

      Cella, Glenn R. (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Cella was born December 19. 1935 in Brooklyn, N.Y. His previous assignments include Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, NATO, Brussels, Belgium; Political Adviser to the US Chief ...
    • ASEAN: Today and Tomorrow 

      Sandhu, Kernial (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Director of the Southeast Asian Studies Institute since 1972, Dr. Kernial holds degrees from the University of Malaya, University of British Columbia, and the Univeristy of London. He has published numerous ...
    • Britian and Europe 

      Unwin, Peter W. (1969)
      ANNECDOTE| Peter Unwin helped teach me that "Information Officers," government mouthpieces, care little for analysis or expanding our thinking. They may be useful in giving one-off answers to news media questions that ...
    • British and American Systems of Government Compared 

      Gordon-Walker, Patrick (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A leader of the Labour Party and member of Parliment and the Privy Coucil, Mr. Gordon-Walker has held various high government positions beginning in 1947. He was successivley Parlimentary Undersecretary ...
    • British Defense Policy Following The Falkland Islands War 

      Blaker, Peter (1982)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|In 1953, Blaker joined the British Diplomatic Service and served successivley in Phnom Penh and Ottawa. He returned to the Foreign Office in London in 1960 and from 1962 to 1964 was Private Secretary to ...
    • Canadian-American Realtions and the Energy Crisis 

      Timmerman, John (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Canada's Consul General in the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. Guest of Dr. Ross Horning, History Department, Creighton University.
    • Central America: Causes of Conflict and Prospects for Peace 

      Pezullo, Lawrence A. (1989)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Pezzullo served as Ambassador to Uruguay from 1977 to 1979 and as Ambassador to Nicaragua from 1979 to August of 1981. Mr. Pezzullo entered the foreign service in 1957, after teaching for six years ...
    • Challenge of Speaking for the U.S. 

      Oakley, Phyllis (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ms. Oakley recieved her B.A. from Northwestern and an M.A. from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She has been a Congressional Fellow, Desk Officer for Afghanistan, and the first wife of an ambassador ...
    • Challenges in the Export Business in the 1970s 

      Allen, E. L. (1973)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr, Allen, a resident of McLean, Va., holds a Ph.D. from the American University and a B.A. from Columbia. He has served in various governmental positions other than in Commerce and the CIA; these include ...
    • China's Reforms and Changing Ways of Thinking 

      Zhao, Jinglun (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Suzhou, China, in 1923, Mr. Zhao was a student and teacher of economics in China before doing graduate work at Vanderbilt and Harvard between 1948 and 1950. Between 1951 and 1980 he was a journalist ...
    • Current Developments in Yugoslavia's Domestic and Foreign Politics 

      Belovski, Dimce (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Belovski was educated as an attorney and took an active part in the National Liberation War of 1941-45. He held important political and military positions during and following the war. These ...
    • The Current Gulf Crisis: Implications for U.S. Policy 

      Zakheim, Dov S. (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Zakheim has held positions including Duputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources; Assistant Under Secretary of Defense; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense. He also holds ...
    • Detente Through Soviet Eyes 

      Scott, John (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|During his thirty years with Time magazine, he travelled abroad for extended periods two or three times a year to areas where important US foreign policy issues were surfacing. Radio Liberty has broadcast ...
    • Egyptian Policy and the Middleast 

      Basheer, Tahseen (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Basheer has his B.S. in political economy from the University of Alexandria and his M.A. in political economy from Harvard University. He has done additional graduate work at Princeton. The ...