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    • The Great Power Cooperation and the Political Role of the United Nations 

      Belovsov, Mikhail (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Last minute substitute for Vladimir Petrovsky of same rank in UN.
    • The Great Triangle: Washington, Moscow, Peking 

      Mehnert, Klaus (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born October 10. 1906, of German parents in Moscow Russia. Moved to Germany in 1914, PhD at University of Berlin, 1928. Exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley 1928-29. Editor Osteuropa ...
    • Implications of the Korean Elections 

      Romberg, Alan (1988)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Romberg has served on the National Security Council, in various State Department positions dealing with East and Southeast Asia as well as with Japanese Affairs. Other experience includes two years on the ...
    • Indian Foreign Policy and the Changing World 

      Gonsalves, Eric (1973)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Gonsalves was born in 1928, graduated from the University of Madras, and joined the Foreign Service in 1950.
    • An Insider's View of Cuban-American Relations 

      Llovio-Menendez, Jose Luis (1988)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Jose Luis Llovio Menendez was a medical student at the University of Havana from 1952-58 and a member of the Revolutionary Directorate and of the 26th of July Movement. Subsequently he studied medicine ...
    • International Monetary Fund 

      Erb, Richard D. (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Erb has recieved a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford, Arthur D. Little consultant, Saloman Brothers economist, White House staff assistant on international monetary affairs, Council on Foreign Relations ...
    • The Internationalization of Production and the World Economy 

      Polk, Judd (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Polk was Manager for International Projects of the National Industrial Conferences Board and earlier was Assistant Manager, Inter-government Affaris Dept, California Texas Oil Cooperation. In addition ...
    • Ireland Today 

      Caniffe, Liam (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Liam Canniffe was born in Bandon, Co. Cork, 1944 and educated at Hamilton High School in Co. Cork as well as the University College Dublin. During his career Canniffe worked in the Department of Finance, ...
    • Japan - American Realtions, Emphasis on Labor Affairs 

      Immerman, Robert (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Immerman recieved his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Lyon, France. In 1956 entered the Department of State Foreign Service. Assignments have ...
    • The Law of the Sea: Where Do We Go From Here? 

      Swing, John Temple (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was Expert Consultant to the US Department of State on sea law and acted as special advisor to the US Ambassadors to the Sea Law Conference. Before joining the Council on Foreign Relations staff in ...
    • Life in the Non-Foreign Serivce 

      Bish, Milan D. (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Bish was born in 1929, in rural Nebraska, majoring in Economic Theory and Business Administration, he attended Hastings College in Nebraska, recieving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1951. Unitl ...
    • Meeting tthe Demand for Food and Fiber in the Next Quarter Century 

      Tussey, W. Glenn (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|From 1949-1962, Tussey held various positions at County, State, and Federal levels of the Agricultural Extension Service. From 1962-1966 he was the Branch Chief, Foreign Marketing Branch, Cotton Division, ...
    • The Middleast and Northern Tier Strategy 

      Eren, Nuri (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He has his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Luxembourg with special coursework in international economics from the London School of Economics; he has been a Senior Research Fellow at Princeton. ...
    • The Middleast Crises 

      Spiers, Ronald I. (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Spiers entered Government service in 1950 as a Foreign Affairs Analyst in the US Atomic Energy Commission. In 1955 he joined the Foreign Service and was assigned to the Bureau of International ...
    • A Middleast Settlement: Prospects for Peace? 

      Argov, Shlomo (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Between 1950 and 1955, Mr. Argov attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and the London School of Economics. From 1955-1959 Mr. Argov was on the staff of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. ...
    • NATO's Future 

      Eberle, Adm James (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|James Henry Fuller Eberle was born in Bristol in May, 1927 and educated at Clifton College, Dartmouth, as a cadet in 1940.In 1977 he was promoted to Vice Admiral and became Chief of Fleet Support and a ...
    • NATO, Greece, Turkey, and the Cyprus Problem 

      Popper, David H. (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in New York City in 1912, he took his A.B and A.M. at Harvard University. Before becoming US Ambassador to Cyprus in May 1969, Ambassador Popper was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau ...
    • The Necessity For Alliance 

      de Hoop Scheffer, Jakob G. N. (1986)
      In 1972, Mr. de Hoop Scheffer was appointed Ambassador in Baghdad. From 1973-1979 he served in the Foreign Ministry, first as Director of European Affairs. In 1979 he was appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ...
    • New Directions in American-European Relations: East and West 

      Nagorski, Zygmunt (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Nagorski was educated in the Universities of Cracow, Paris, and Geneva. He came to the US in 1948. His career in journalism inculded his being editor-in-chief of the Foriegn News Service, special reporting ...
    • Nicaraguan - U.S. Realtions 

      Espinoza, Ricardo (1986)
      SUMMARY| He touched salient points of the history of the relations of our two countries, current policy frictions, the aircraft downing, and his wishes for improvement in our relations.