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    • 1946 Annual Report : Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha 

      Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha (Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha. 1947)
      CONTENTS:|Glimpses Into the Past : Fifty years ago The Visiting Nurse Association ot Omaha ceased being one woman’s dream and became instead a force for good that has prospered ...|Past Presidents|High Lights of 1946: ...
    • APA Style Guide to Electronic References (6th ed.) 

      American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association, Washington D.C.. 2012)
      This guide reviews the four basic components of a reference: author, date, title, and source and includes general guidelines for constructing a reference list. It also discusses confusing elements that are unique to ...
    • Creighton : biographical sketches of Edward Creighton, John A. Creighton, Mary Lucretia Creighton, Sarah Emily Creighton 

      Mullens, P.A. (Patrick Aloysius), S.J. (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1901)
      From the Preface:|The members of the Creighton family have written their names conspicuously in the annals of benevolence in Nebraska. Many who have seen the work of their beneficence have asked for some information about ...
    • Creighton University : Reminiscences of the First Twenty-Five Years 

      Dowling, Michael P. (Burkley Printing Co.. Omaha, Nebraska, 1903)
      NOTE: Included with the book is a chart or historical time-line (51" x 8"). Two PDF versions of the chart are provided. One is sectioned into letter sized-pages for easier printing.|CONTENTS:|Preface . -- Scope of the work. ...
    • Directory of Social Services in Omaha, Nebraska (1958) 

      United Community Services (United Community Services, Omaha, Nebraska. 1958)
      Foreword:|United Community Services has prepared this Directory of Social Services as a guidebook to resources for services for the Omaha and Douglas County Area. It is furnished without charge in the hope that it will be ...
    • Early Days of the Mercy Order in Omaha 

      O'Flaherty, M. Madeline, RSM (The Author?. Omaha, Nebraska, 1922)
      PREFACE:|The “Early Days of the Mercy Order in Omaha," was written in obedience. It lays no claim to any literary style whatever. It is simply the narration of a very few facts of the pioneer days as they came to the mind ...
    • Harmonic Curves 

      Rigge, William F., S.J. (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1926)
      Harmonic curves always captivate the eye by their wonderful beauty and their endless variety. They have that correct proportion in their parts which delights the artist, that simplicity of construction in their apparent ...
    • A History of Nebraska Dentistry 

      Foster, Hal (Nebraska Dental Association. 1867)
      Created for the Nebraska Centennial, 1867-1967|CONTENTS:|Congratulations, Dentists: A Centennial message from Gov. Norbert T. Tiemann (page1)|Introduction: How this “History of Nebraska Dentistry” evolved (page 4)|Biography ...
    • Index of Names and Selected Words in "Ecclesiae Occidentalis Monumenta Iuris Antiquissima" 

      Amidon, Philip R., S.J.; Turner, Cuthbertus Hamilton (Creighton University. 2008)
      It has seemed opportune to republish this index in a corrected and extended version; there has been added to the list of names a list of selected words, and the method of referring to the text has been somewhat altered.|The ...
    • The Nebraska Aborigines as They Appeared in the Eighteenth Century 

      Shine, Michael A. (Nebraska Academy of Sciences. 1913)
      EDITOR’S PREFACE:|A cloud of obscurity long hung over the history of the Nebraska region prior to the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-06. We knew that the early French maps located with approximate accuracy the position ...
    • Omaha’s Riot in Story and Picture 

      Educational Publishing Company (Educational Publishing Company. 1919)
      From the Foreword: | The purpose of this book is educational. Its editors believe publicity is the surest cure for lawlessness. The story of the riot has its lessons for all thinking citizens. The dramatic facts of the mob ...
    • Optimal Immunization Across the Life-Span of Nebraska Families: An Interview with Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore 

      Shore, Susanne; Wang, Carol (Creighton University Public Relations. 2018)
      Susanne Shore, BSN, first lady of Nebraska, is interviewed by Carol Wang of the Metro Omaha Medical Society. They discuss the importance of immunizations across the lifespan for members of all Nebraska families.|Sponsored ...
    • The Patient's book - thoughts of cheer, consolation, encouragement and information for the sick, especially in hospitals 

      Garesché, Edward F., S.J. (The Catholic Hospital Association. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1925)
      This book is a message of cheer, consolation, encouragement, counsel and information to the patient in the hospital. It is meant to be at hand, during those moments of quiet when the patient can read or when some one else ...
    • A preliminary review of the mammals of Nebraska 

      Swenk, Myron H. (Zoological Laboratory, University of Nebraska. 1898)
      Following the publication, in 1903, of the “Preliminary Review of the Birds of Nebraska,” wherein the writer, in collaboration with Professor Lawrence Bruner and Dr. R. H. Wolcott, set forth the status of this state’s ...
    • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Lower Level 

      Unknown author (Creighton University. 2019)
    • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Main Level  

      Unknown author (Creighton University. 2019)
    • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Upper Level 

      Unknown author (Creighton University. 2019)
    • Selected pages from the history of medicine in Nebraska 

      Orr, H. Winnett ([no publisher]; Lincoln, Nebraska. 1952)
      This book is compilation of reprints, essays, speeches, etc on the history of medicine in Nebraska. It is dedicated to the Rev Hiram Winnett and Dr. Hudson J. Winnett.|Dr. Hiram Winnett Orr was an orthopedic surgeon. He ...
    • St. Cecilia's Crumbs of Comfort 

      St. Cecilia's Cathedral Parish (Omaha, Neb.), Married Ladies' Sodality. (J.H. Roberts Printing Co.. Omaha, Nebraska, 1909)
      From the introduction:|In compiling this new cook book the one aim has been to pack between its covers the greatest possible amount of practical information of real value to all, and especially to the beginner. It is not ...
    • Star of Castellar : school themes 

      Smith, John Thomas (s.l., s.n.. 1899)
      To my Alma Mater Creighton University. These school boy pieces written during his undergraduate year 1895-1899 are presented by the author.|John Thomas Smith. New York C., May 28, 1945.|CONTENTS:|BIOGRAPHICAL: In Memorial ...