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dc.contributor.authorAlibašić, Haris
dc.description.abstractEfficient strategies to embedding sustainability in an organization are frequently linked to effective leadership. By design, changes in direction within an organization may lead to alterations in commitment or perceived significance of sustainability in organizations. While some organizational leaders are interested in embedding sustainability within a structure, other leaders believe in leaving the legacy behind and permanently influencing sustainability efforts. To confirm or dispel the underscored notion of the importance of leadership in embedding sustainability in organizations, a qualitative methodology approach to interviews, document analyses, and literature review is utilized. The research inquiry includes in-person interviews with top city staff and elected officials in a large Midwestern city and a review of the internal documents and reports. The end goal of the research is an examination of the role both elected and appointed officials have in embedding sustainabil ity within cities, and whether a change in leadership may have an impact on continuity of sustainability implementation and long-term viability of such policies. The paper focuses on the application of sustainable energy policies within a local government organizational structure as a mean of constructing a better understanding of leadership on sustainability implementation and embedment. While the further inquiry is needed, the research points out that an active partnership between city managers, administrators, and elected officials must be in place to support integrating sustainability from within and that sustainability thrives where exhaustive leadership support such initiatives and efforts.en_US
dc.publisherCreighton Universityen_US
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2018 H. Alibašićen_US
dc.titleLeadership Strategies for Embedding Sustainability and Resilience in Organizations with an Emphasis on Sustainable Energyen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
dc.title.workCreighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadershipen_US

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