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dc.contributor.authorFecteau, Sarah Anneen_US
dc.contributor.illustratorWest, Saraen_US
dc.identifier.other12215 (Access ID)en_US
dc.description.abstractThe back cover provides this summary: "The Friendship Fables is a heart-warming magical tale about the unlikely friendships of a mouse, Jalla, a lion, Komar, an antelope, Namoan, and a lamb, BaaRam. In their search for apeaceful existence, they embark on a mystical journey to far off lands, and face many challenges and dnagers along the way. Through these tests of their courage, strength, and compassion, they ultimately find something even greater." I read the first two chapters of the first of four cycles and found them in strong touch with both the Aesopic fable of LM and the cycle of Panchatantra stories about four friends. The story is told in rhyming verse. I wonder how much Sarah Anne Fecteau knew that she was imitating the Panchatantra. 8½" x 11". Printed on demand by CreateSpace.en_US
dc.description.statementofresponsibilitySarah Anne Fecteau
dc.publisherKieragh Publishing Companyen_US
dc.titleThe Friendship Fablesen_US
dc.acquired.locationPrepbooks, Rosewood, OR, through Ebayen_US
dc.cost.usCost: $20.79en_US
dc.subject.local1Sarah Anne Fecteau

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