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dc.description.abstractThis little (3⅞" x 5") booklet presents a challenge, because it is both advertising for "Au Bon Marché" in Paris and a booklet in its own right.  Vimar goes through the fable in lovely duochrome illustrations.  Among the best illustrations is that of the stork trying to do something with the soup served in a shallow dish.  This version makes clear that some time passed before Madame Stork offered her invitation to Monsieur Renard.  The monocle does not help poor Monsieur Renard in these last pictures!  While the last picture inside the book has the two characters in the same space reacting to the vase, the back cover has the stork flying away while Monsieur Renard, hat in hand and downfaced, walks away from the encounter.en_US
dc.titleLe Renard et la Cigogne
dc.description.noteLe Renard et la Cigogne.  Jean de La Fontaine.  August Vimar.  Paperbound.  Paris:  Imp. M. Moreau.  €15 from St.-Ouen, August, '15.en_US
dc.subject.local1Advertising : Other Advertisingen_US

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