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dc.description.tableofcontentsHEIGHT AND WEIGHT STANDARDS IN NUTRITION WORK AMONG CHILDREN OF FOREIGN PARENTAGE - Louis I. Dublin SOCIAL SERVICE AND THE HEALTH OFTHE CHILD - A. L. Goodman A COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICE - F. E. Sampson FORM LETTERS USED BY GREATER COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. THE SOCIAL WORKER'S APPROACH TO THE FAMILY OF THE SYPHILITIC - Maida Herman Solomon THE MOTHERLESS BABY A BOARDING HOME EXPERIMENT - Midlred W. Stillman & Hannah M. Reagan INTRODUCTION NURSE'S REPORT CONCLUSION RECEIPTS EXPENSES THE ORGANIZATION OF NUTRITION CLASSES - Edward Sherrard Rimer CARDIAC DEPARTMENT, M. L. Woughter, Editor The Cardiac Clinic of Central Free Dispensary, Rush Medical College - Fred M. Smith OUTLINE OF TRAINING IN FIELD WORK - Mabel Rogers Wilson EDITORIAL The Relation of Medical Extension Work In theHospital to Industry AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORKERS - Ida M. Cannon & Ruth V. Emerson NEWS NOTES DEPARTMENT OF DIETETICS - E. F. Wells Child Health Station Demonstration PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTE MEDICAL SOCIETY, STATE OF NEW YORK NATIONAL TUBERCULOSIS ASSOCIATION THE NATION'S HEALTH SERVICE LEAGUE FOR THE HANDICAPPED BOOK REVIEW MAJOR SOCIAL PROBLEMS - Rudolph M. Binder SHOW DOWN - Julia Houston Railey THE MAJOR SYMPTOMS OF HYSTERIA - Pierre Janet ABSTRACTS Adequate Medical Service for a Community - Winford H. Smith Activities of the Bureau of Rehabilitation, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry - C. B. Connelly The Exercise Treatment of Tuberculosis - Fr. Humbert The Convalescent Treatment of Heart Disease by Exercise Applied Through Natural Work and Play Methods - Frederic Brush Some Public Health Aspects of Housing: Overcrowding and Disease - M. C. Balfour Mental Hygiene of the College Student - Frankwood E. Williams Psychiatry for the Student Nurse - Crhistine Beebe Education in Health at Cornell University, 1919-1920 - H. Emerson, L. B. Chenoweth, F. C. Balderry, & C. E. Case Supervision of Health in Colleges and Universities - John Sundwall Program of the Bureau of Social Hygiene of the California State Board of Health - W. M. Dickieen_US
dc.publisherHospital Social Service Association of New York Cityen_US
dc.subject.meshMedical Social Work -- Periodicalsen_US
dc.titleHospital Social Serviceen_US
dc.title.alternativeHospital Social Service Quarterlyen_US
dc.typeJournal Issue
dc.publisher.locationNew York Cityen_US

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