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    • Foreword 

      Wardle, Lynn D.; Duncan, William C. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 38, pg. [xi] )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|In 1998, the Creighton Law Review published a special issue: "Symposium on Interjurisdictional Marriage Recognition." Although there have been intermittent controversies related to the effect in a forum ...
    • Non-Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage Judgments under Doma and the Constitution 

      Wardle, Lynn D. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 38, pg. 365 )
      INTRODUCTION|In the spring of 2004, public officials in a number of communities in the United States began to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of state laws restricting marriage to male-female couples ...
    • Williams v. North Carolina, Divorce Recognition, and Same-Sex Marriage Recognition 

      Wardle, Lynn D. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 32, pg. 187 )
      INTRODUCTION|During World War II, the Supreme Court of the United States rendered two major decisions regarding interstate recognition of divorce decrees. In the more than fifty years since those decisions, they have come ...