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    • Methods of Teaching Shakespeare in High School 

      Kaiser, M. Corona O.S.B.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1946)
      Today some schools do not include in their curricula the plays of Shakespeare; but we who know the wholeheartedness and wholesomeness of Shakespeare to satisfy man in all walks of life cannot but deplore this omission. Are ...
    • Mexco Development Company 

      Squires, Edwin M.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1969)
      Background: The Northern States Group - The following circumstances leading to formation of Mexco Development Company provide some insight into the personality and spirit of adventure of Mexco's management. | Aspirations ...
    • The Mexican Religion of D. H. Lawrence: An Analysis of the Religion Created by D. H. Lawrence in the Plumed Serpent 

      Jones, William C.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1962)
      The Plumed Serpent. D. H. Lawrence's novel based on his experiences in old and New Mexico, occupies a unique place of importance in the understanding of D. H. Lawrence's religious thought. Religion, it is true, is a recurrent ...
    • The Microbiological Assay for Riboflavin in Embryonated Hens’ Eggs Between Six and Thirteen Days 

      Uridil, Joseph E.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1951)
      It is thought by some that the vitamin B complex content of a tissue may have some bearing on the resistance or submission of a tissue to virus infection. The relationship of this vitamin group to virus growth has not been ...
    • MicroRNAs are essential for hair cell development. 

      Pierce, Marsha Louise
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2008)
      MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that are processed through an endogenous biological pathway and function to post-transcriptionally regulate target gene expression. MicroRNAs affect cellular proliferation, differentiation, ...
    • Middle Managers’ Emotional Perceptions of Customer-Centric Strategies, Policies, and Goals 

      Dunwoody, Kimberly
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2013)
      This purpose of this study was to examine customer-centric organizational change|through the theoretical lens of social exchange theory (SET). The focus of this study was employees who constantly weighed the perceived ...
    • Midwest Subcontracting, Inc. 

      Upton, Thomas L.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1974)
      In mid-1974, Mr. George Anderson, President of Midwest Subcontracting, Inc., was reviewing his major equipment acquisitions and their relative financing costs. Midwest Subcontracting is a medium-sized excavating and general ...
    • Military Administrator: The Controversial Life of Brigadier General John Henry Winder, C. S. A. 

      Duffy, Sarah Annette
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1961)
      The career of the controversial Brigadier General, John Henry Winder, provides valuable insights into the lack of organization and the inefficient administration of the Confederate Government. A recent subject of historical ...
    • Military Leader Perceptions on Sexual Assaults against Female Service Members 

      Burns, Wallace A Jr
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2014)
      The Department of Defense (DOD) Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report on Sexual Assaults in the Military indicated sexual assaults on female service members have increased threefold since 2004 and spiked by 50% during the 2012–2013 ...
    • The Millennial Impact on Alternative Work Arrangement (AWA) Support and the Profile of AWA Naysayers in Public Accounting 

      Knight, Margaret E.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2018)
      Attracting and retaining qualified staff is the biggest discussion within the accounting profession today, and younger generations are seeking a distinctly different work-style. Millennials make up the preponderance of the ...
    • The Miller Object Visualization Test as a Prognostic Aid in Dental Education 

      Lynch, Benjamin Leo D.D.S.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1953)
      Despite the relatively long existence of various types of standardized visualization measures, only a few researches1 have been published which attempt to relate any of these measures to success in those areas of dental ...
    • Milton and Prose: The Art of Logic as a Rhetoric 

      Fender, Eldin C.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1968)
      The purpose of my thesis is to present an inductive study of John Milton's theory of rhetoric. Milton's theory of rhetoric may be established by a consideration of the rhetorical practices and theories of the sixteenth and ...
    • Milwaukee and the Great Red Scare of 1919 - 1920 

      Zinkl, Andrew R.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1969)
      The Great Red Scare of 1919-1920 evolved out of the same national spirit that enabled the Wilson administration to lead America into World War I. Evidence of this becomes abundant when the Scare mentality is traced to its ...
    • Mind the Gap: (Re)Reading Narratorial Construction in Selected Novels of Ernest Hemingway 

      Loy, Eric
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2012)
      The following thesis proposes a new theory for understanding the narrative structure in selected novels of Ernest Hemingway. Drawn from close textual analysis, the theory works to reconcile critical difficulties by recognizing ...
    • Mindfulness in Conflict Coaching 

      Keel, Rhaym
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2013)
      This thesis examines how conflict coaching may benefit from integrating mindfulness into the conflict coaching process. Drawing from the literature on conflict coaching and on integrating mindfulness in the fields of ADR ...
    • Minimization of Distortion of Cartographical Maps 

      Page, Lawrence Frank
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1971)
      One of the most perplexing problems confronting Cartographers has been the minimization of distortion associated with the mapping of surfaces from the sphere to the plane. In this thesis the objective is to obtain a conformal ...
    • The Misexpression of Sonic Hedgehog Leads to Digit Duplication 

      Murari, Catherine
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2010)
      The limb buds of the early embryo are formed at the lateral flank by an outgrowth of cells from a layer of embryonic tissue called the lateral plate mesoderm. Shortly after this initial outgrowth, cells from the lateral ...
    • The Missing Founding Fathers: The Need to Teach the Role of the Antifederalists in the Adoption of the Bill of Rights 

      Humphreys, Brooks
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2009)
      This thesis examines the need to place more emphasis on teaching the role of the Antifederalists in the 1787-88 debate over the adoption of the U.S. Constitution to high school history and government students. The cited ...
    • The Missionary Spirit of Gregory the Great as Evidenced by His Interest in the Angles 

      Busenbarrick, Mary Cyril O.S.B.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1952)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the missionary spirit of Gregory the Great in the light of his objectives, his interest, his plans, and the execution of his designs for the conversion of the Angles. This will be ...
    • The Mississippi River in American-Spanish Relations, 1776-1795 

      Houlton, Mary Rose R.S.M.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1947)
      The territory west of the Allegheny Mountains and east of the Mississippi was under the dominion of several nations. Marquette (1673) and La Selle (1669 ~ 1682) by their voyages on the Great River gave France her claim to ...