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    • A Topical History of Elementary Mathematics 

      Searson, Maud Hogue A.B.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1936)
      The problem in this thesis is to present a brief history of topics in elementary mathematics written in language that is within the comprehension of, and fitted to the interest of the average high school pupil. Much ...
    • Total Lightning Within Mesoscale Banded Snow 

      Ellis, April A.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2014)
      Lightning morphology during thundersnow storms is not fully understood due to the infrequent occurrence and lack of lightning sensing equipment capable of detecting total lightning. This is especially true for thundersnow ...
    • Total Management Information System 

      Lugert, George A.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1966)
      "Total Management Information System" is becoming a popular phrase in data processing and management areas. The data processing people see a vast new area to expand their new system concepts. Management reaction varies ...
    • Towards an Anthropology of Service-Learning: An Exploration of the Impact of a Cross-Cultural, Service-Learning Experience on Health Professional Students 

      Gleason, Andrew Francis
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2017)
      In the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Creighton University, students have the opportunity to participate in a clinical rotation, better described as a cross-cultural, service-learning program, in the Dominican ...
    • The Toxicity of Chlorhexidins on Mammalian Connective Tissue and Vasculature 

      Boudro, Martin Anthony
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1975)
      During one episode in the British quest for antimalarial agents a class of compounds was discovered to have antibacterial activity. Investigators at Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., Manchester, England found that certain ...
    • The Tracing of Higher Plane Curves 

      Fitzpatrick, John Dennis
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1933)
      When one has studied analytic geometry, calculus and kindred branches of mathematics which depend to a certain extent upon the construction of loci he is confronted with the difficulty of determining a fairly accurate ...
    • TRAIL and TGF-ßl-Induced Apoptosis of Human Airway Epithelial Cells 

      Chaudhari, Bharti
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2006)
      Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR), airway obstruction, wheezing, and leads to airway remodeling if these symptoms persist. Airway remodeling is characterized by ...
    • The Trans-Mississippi Exposition 

      Alfers, Kenneth Gerald
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1968)
      International expositions have received relatively little attention from scholars in the past. Nevertheless, expositions are illustrative of man's progress and development. There is hardly a more striking example of this ...
    • The Transcendent Victorianism of Gerard Manley Hopkins 

      Jaworski, M. Cunegundis
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1944)
      Gerard Manley Hopkins was born at Stradford, near London, on July 28, 1844.1 That year, incidentally, was a year of significance. The Oxford Tracts had done their work; the face of religion was changed; art and literature ...
    • Transcriptome Characterization of Adult Zebrafish Inner Ear Hair Cells 

      Barta, Cody Lincoln
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2016)
      Hair cells are the vital mechanotransducer cells found in both the mammalian auditory and vestibular systems. Mammalian hair cells are non-regenerative, and thus their death leads to irreversible losses in hearing. Hair ...
    • Transforming schools: From traditional to personalized 

      Spencer, Lisa
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2014)
      This grounded theory study developed a theory on how personalized learning was implemented in public schools throughout the United States. The study identified change agents who were instrumental in developing and implementing ...
    • Transforming the White Racial Frame: Mixed-Methods Analysis of a Film Intervention with Midwestern College Students 

      Bacy, Kedric Q.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2018)
      The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to evaluate students at a Midwestern university to determine the impact of a transformative learning experience using a race literacy film series, Race: The Power of an Illusion, ...
    • A Translation of Den Spyeghel Der Salicheyt Van Elckerlijc and a Study of its Relationship to Everyman 

      De Smet, Imogene L.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1960)
      Although Everyman has long been conceded to be the best of the English moralities, very little is known of its origin. A number of English-speaking medieval scholars do state that it was derived from the Dutch morality ...
    • Transmissible Mink Encephaiopatby Strain-Specific Formation of the Abnormal Prion Protein 

      Mulcahy, Ellyn Rosemarie
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2002)
      Strain diversity among the prion diseases is proposed to be encoded by the conformation of the infectious isoform of the prion protein. PrPb PrPSc is derived from the nonnai host-encoded prion protein, PrP and this process ...
    • The Transparent Classroom: Engendering the Culture of the Master Teacher through Peer Observation. 

      Jorgenson, Marissa A.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2011)
      This analysis considers the possibilities of a transformative relationship between an inductee and master teacher in the liminal stage of the student teaching experience. The mentoring process, considered in the teaching ...
    • Treaty Negotiations and the Partition of Ireland 

      Alcott, Edward
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1966)
      Ireland is not unique in its long struggle for independence many small nations have fought gallantly to preserve their liberty from a powerful neighbor. Yet Ireland's ease is remarkable in the intensity of its resistance ...
    • TREM-1 and TREM-2 Protein Expression in Healthy and Diseased Human Gingival Tissue: A Pilot Study 

      Puetz, William J., III
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2015)
      Abstract|Purpose: Inflammation of gingival tissue (periodontitis), affects both the gingiva and the supportive alveolar bone leading to tooth loss and other health risks. Studies have shown that chronic inflammation in ...
    • TREM-2 and Dendritic Cells in the Pathogenesis of Allergic Airway Inflammation 

      Hall, Sannette C.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2018)
      Asthma is a chronic disorder of the conducting airways that involves the interplay of multiple genetic and environmental factors. It is characterized by reversible airway obstruction, cellular infiltration, airway inflammation ...
    • Tubulin Isotypic Diversity in Mammalian Cilia 

      Dossou, Starlette Jessica Yehinou
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2011)
      Multiple well-conserved α and β tubulin isotypes have been identified in mammals. These isotypes are encoded by different genes and are selectively expressed in mammalian cells. The tubulin isotypes are also subjected to ...
    • Tuition Reductions: A Quantitative Analysis of the Prevalence, Circumstances and Outcomes of an Emerging Pricing Strategy in Higher Education 

      Kottich, Sarah
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2017)
      This study analyzed tuition reductions in the private not-for-profit sector of higher education, utilizing a quantitative descriptive and correlational approach with secondary data analysis. It resulted in a listing of 45 ...