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    • The Na/K-ATPase in the gills of Antarctic and New Zealand nototheniids: The Physiologic and Molecular Effects of Warm-acclimation. 

      Guynn, Sierra Renee
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2002)
      Antarctic fish, living in -2°C waters, have a serum osmolality of « 600mOsm/kg nearly double that of temperate teleosts. The increase in serum osmolality is due to proportional increases in the Na" and CT concentrations ...
    • "Nameless Graces Which No Methods Teach" ˸ Alexander Pope’s Eighteenth-Century Metapoetic Triplet 

      Nozicka, Rachel
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2017)
      Alexander Pope’s calculated use of the triplet in his early poetry lays the foundation for educating the public about how to maintain high quality literature and how to once again form a community in their divided nation. ...
    • Narrative History of the Knickerbocker Magazine 

      Baisier, Leon
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1929)
      This thesis presents for the most part a narrative history of the Knickerbocker Magazine. The author has tried to bring out the type of periodical that the Knickerbocker belonged to, and something of its aims and influences. ...
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne as Revealed Through His French and Italian Notebooks 

      Giitter, Mary Alice
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1936)
      The French and Italian Notebooks of Nathaniel Hawthorne are an exception to his other works, in that they reveal not only his peculiar idiosyncrasies, but also characteristics which tend to humanize the man. For over one ...
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Artist of the True and the Beautiful 

      Munch, Adele B.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1955)
      The star of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s literary fame has risen steadily through the years. During the century following the publication of The Scarlet Letter there was no temporary eclipse, no recession in the popularity of ...
    • The National Health Act of 1945: Its Initiators and Opponents 

      Munch, Francis J.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1964)
      Since World War II, there has been a growing public concern with the organization and the financing of medical care. | While modem medicine became a better and a more scientific product than formerly, its growing importance ...
    • The National Industrial Recovery Act 

      Lippert, Ludwig E. Jr.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1965)
      The National Industrial Recovery Act was perhaps the greatest social and economic experiment in the history of the United States. By its very nature, the Act was necessarily a process of trial, error, correction, and ...
    • Nature in Scott and Longfellow 

      Voth, M. Agnes O.S.B.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1947)
      Dame Nature, the beneficent genie, has in all ages, in all climes, in all vicissitudes of man’s life, held a powerful sway over his thoughts, his feelings, and his moods. In vain has he tried to subdue her. She has permitted ...
    • The Nature of the Movements of the Stomach and the Relationship Between Pyloric Motility and Gastric Secretion 

      Novak, Edmund A.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1953)
      The study of the physiology of the stomach has been of great Interest to many investigators. Various theories in the past fifty years have been offered for consideration, some of which yet remain in the theoretical realm, ...
    • Nebraska During the Civil War (1861 - 1867) 

      Armbruster, M. Maurice
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1948)
      The purpose of this investigation is to show how the Nebraska Territory and its people between 1861 and 1867 were affected by the civil War and the political and economic issues of the period. Attitudes and reactions on ...
    • Nebraska Methodist Higher Education Prior to 1890 

      Pitchford, Douglas S.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1976)
      As the title indicates, this study deals with nineteenth century higher education—specifically Methodist endeavors in Nebraska during its frontier period. As was true with most of the institutions offering so-called higher ...
    • The Nebraska Methodist Hospitals Eugene C. Eppley Complex 

      Picard, William K.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1969)
      Many people contend that non-profit institutions develop haphazardly. On the surface there appears to be no plan or logical objectivity as to much of their operations or necessity for existence. In some cases this is true. ...
    • Negro Education in Omaha, Nebraska 

      McMahon, Elizabeth Mary
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1947)
      Most of us have read numerous accounts of the bitter struggles and seemingly unsurmountable(sic) difficulties which man has faced throughout his entire history. Despite our knowledge of this fact, many of us have experienced, ...
    • A Network Approach to Nuclear Deterrence 

      Goodman, Carly A.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2012)
      This paper expands upon current deterrence literature by utilizing network analysis to represent deterrence relations based on the possession of nuclear weapons between states in the international system instead of traditional ...
    • Network Growth and Efficiency 

      Dudding, Ciprianna
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2014)
      The existing network literature has not been widely applied in international relations. Of primary interest to the international system is how network growth affects efficiency. Knowledge of efficient edges can guide how ...
    • Network Structure and Conflict 

      Engel, Tyler
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2013)
      International Relations scholars argue the structure of the international system is important in ordering relations between states. Both Neorealist and Neoliberal scholars highlight the importance of the system regarding ...
    • Neurally Released Nitric Oxide does not Oppose Reflex Cholinergic Contraction of Airway Smooth Muscle in Dogs 

      Brummel, Nathan Edward
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2001)
      When afferent nerve endings in the airway detect a foreign substance, centrally mediated reflexes, acting through cholinergic parasympathetic efferents, contract airway smooth muscle. It has been proposed that these efferents ...
    • Neutron Activation Analysis of Zinc in Biological Samples 

      Haven, Mary Clare
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1964)
      Although zinc in biological samples has been determined previously by neutron activation analysis, the methods have been time consuming and involve post irradiation separations with remote control handling. Banks, et al, ...
    • New Insights into the Mechanism of Alport Glomerular and Tubulointerstitial Pathogenesis 

      Rodgers, Kathryn Dianne
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2001)
      Alport syndrome is a hereditary disease that is manifested in the eyes, ears, and kidneys. Patients with Alport syndrome die of end-stage renal failure making the kidney the most critical of the affected organs. Using a ...
    • A New Method for the Analysis of Carbohydrates by Means of Vanillin in Acid Medium 

      Becker, William W.
      (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1956)
      Sugars have probably been looked upon with more interest than any other class of organic compounds. From the analytical standpoint there has been an abundant amount of excellent work. Brown and Zerban (l) mention that the ...