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Recent Submissions

  • Realigning incentives for novel pain therapeutics 

    Michael S. Sinha & Kelly K. Dineen Gillespie, Editorial, Realigning Incentives for Novel Pain Therapeutics, 137 ANESTHESIOLOGY 134 (2022).
  • Athletes in transit: Why the game is different in sports and the visas should be too 

    David P. Weber, Athletes in Transit: Why the Game is Different in Sports and the Visas Should Be Too, 96 TULANE L. REV. 893 (2022).
    At least as early as the ancient Olympic games, athletes have traveled to engage in competition. Participation in the games was so revered that military truces were enacted to secure the safety of spectators and athletes ...
  • Dynasty 529 plans and structural inequality, 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Dynasty 529 Plans and Structural Inequality, 61 WASHBURN L.J. 497 (2022).
    The tax advantages available through 529 accounts, such as the potential for perpetual tax-free growth, have been maximized by the wealth defense industry that operates to the advantage of high income and wealth families ...
  • Prepaid death 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Prepaid Death, 59 HARVARD J. ON LEGIS. 329 (2022).
    The cost of an adult funeral exceeds $9,000. Funerals are expensive and death is not considered an appropriate time to bargain shop. The consumer is generally inexpert and vulnerable due to bereavement. Decisions are often ...
  • Treating workers as essential too: an ethical framework for public health interventions to prevent and control COVID-19 infections among meat-processing facility workers and their communities in the United States 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Abigail Lowe, Nancy E. Kass, Lisa M. Lee, Matthew K. Wynia, Teck Chuan Voo, Seema Mohapatra, Rachel Lookadoo, Athena K. Ramos, Jocelyn J. Herstein, Sara Donovan, James V. Lawler, John J. Lowe, Shelly Schwedhelm, and Nneka O. Sederstrom, Treating Workers as Essential Too: An Ethical Framework for Public Health Interventions to Prevent and Control COVID-19 Infections among Meat-Processing Facility Workers and Their Communities in the United States, 19 J. BIOETHICAL INQUIRY 301 (2022).
    Meat is a multi-billion-dollar industry that relies on people performing risky physical work inside meat-processing facilities over long shifts in close proximity. These workers are socially disempowered, and many are ...
  • Quiescent sovereignty of U.S. Territories 

    Michael J. Kelly, Quiescent Sovereignty of U.S. Territories, 105 MARQ. L. REV. 501 (2022).
    Under modern democratic theory, the font of sovereignty springs from the people; however, traces of its past as a power emanating from the Crown continue to haunt the domestic and international status of sub-sovereign legal ...
  • Ukraine Symposium – Effects-based enforcement of targeting law 

    Geoff Corn & Sean Watts, Ukraine Symposium – Effects-Based Enforcement of Targeting Law, LIEBER INSTITUTE: ARTICLES OF WAR (June 2, 2022), https://lieber.westpoint.edu/effects-based-enforcement-targeting-law/.
    The international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine tragically demonstrates that the European continent is still not immune from war. It also illustrates that the laws of war are only as effective as the leadership ...
  • Wealth, privilege, power, and opportunity 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Wealth, Privilege, Power, and Opportunity, JOTWELL, Dec. 22, 2021 (reviewing Allison Anna Tait, Inheriting Privilege, 106 MINN. L. REV. __ (forthcoming 2022), available at SSRN), https://trustest.jotwell.com/wealth-privilege-power-and-opportunity/.
  • Campus Connections: Launching a Satellite Health Science Library on a New Regional Campus 

    Kletscher, K. (2022, May 3-6). Campus connections: Launching a satellite health science library on a new regional campus [Conference presentation]. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States.
  • Ukraine Symposium - Destructive counter-mobility operations and the law of war 

    Sean Watts & Winston Williams, Ukraine Symposium - Destructive Counter-Mobility Operations and the Law of War, LIEBER INSTITUTE: ARTICLES OF WAR (May 5, 2022), https://lieber.westpoint.edu/destructive-counter-mobility-operations-law-of-war/.
    Decades of experience have greatly improved familiarity with, if not always fidelity to, law of war rules applicable to attacks on enemy forces. Less well appreciated is the law of war regime applicable to other acts of ...
  • Introduction to corporate compliance and ethics programs 

    Paul E. McGreal, An Introduction to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs, in COMPLIANCE & ETHICS ESSENTIALS 2022 261 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2022).
  • Mangrum and Benson on Utah evidence 

    R. Collin Mangrum & Dee Benson, MANGRUM AND BENSON ON UTAH EVIDENCE (2021-2022 ed. 2021).
  • International business contracting: Theory and practice 

    International Business Contracting is designed to teach business and law students how international business contracts are structured and drafted. After several introductory chapters on international business, legal issues, ...
  • Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial District Court and “Corporate Tag Jurisdiction” in the Pennoyer era 

    Patrick J. Borchers, Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial District Court and “Corporate Tag Jurisdiction” in the Pennoyer Era, 72 CASE W. RES. L. REV. 45 (2021).
    In its seventh personal jurisdiction decision since 2011, the Supreme Court in Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eight Judicial District Court ruled for the plaintiff and found jurisdiction, after six straight victories for ...
  • Siege law 

    Sean Watts, Siege Law, LIEBER INSTITUTE: ARTICLES OF WAR (Mar. 4, 2022), https://lieber.westpoint.edu/siege-law/.
    Images of the million or more persons who have fled toward neighboring States highlight the tragic humanitarian impact of the ongoing armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. However, a worse fate could await those unable ...
  • Ukraine Symposium – A war crimes primer on the Ukraine-Russia conflict 

    Sean Watts & Hitoshi Nasu, Ukraine Symposium – A War Crimes Primer on the Ukraine-Russia Conflict, LIEBER INSTITUTE: ARTICLES OF WAR (Apr. 4, 2022), https://lieber.westpoint.edu/war-crimes-primer-ukraine-russia-conflict/.
    This post examines select war crimes recognized in international law that may be relevant to the conflict in Ukraine. We focus on offenses adopted as grave breaches under the Geneva Conventions system, since both Russia ...
  • Ukraine's legal counterattack 

    Michael Kelly, Ukraine’s Legal Counterattack, LIEBER INSTITUTE: ARTICLES OF WAR (Mar. 17, 2022), https://lieber.westpoint.edu/ukraines-legal-counterattack/.
    Beyond its endurance on the battlefield, Ukraine has launched a legal counterattack against Russia in the courts. The normally slow-moving, process-heavy gears of international justice are now moving at relative lightspeed ...
  • Public health law and ethics 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Molly Berkery, Montrece McNeill Ransom, Emely Sanchez & Gabrielle Metoyer, Public Health Law and Ethics, in PUBLIC HEALTH LAW: CONCEPTS AND CASE STUDIES 293 (Montrece McNeill Ransom & Laura Magaña Valladares eds., 2022).
    Despite its explicit focus on justice and population level change, the field of public health ethics is relatively new. At its core, public health ethics is about practical decision-making, often when the law is unclear. ...
  • Ethical issues 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Ethical Issues, in CRITICAL CARE NURSING: DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT 15 (Linda D. Urden, Kathleen M. Stacy & Mary E. Lough eds., 9th ed. 2022).
    Critical care nurses need a robust understanding of professional nursing ethics and ethical principles and the ability to use a decision-making model to guide nursing actions. This chapter provides an overview of ethical ...
  • Legal issues 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Legal Issues, in CRITICAL CARE NURSING: DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT 27 (Linda D. Urden, Kathleen M. Stacy & Mary E. Lough eds., 9th ed. 2022).

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