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Recent Submissions

  • From Rai stones to Blockchains: The transformation of payments 

    Edward A. Morse, From Rai Stones to Blockchains: The Transformation of Payments, 34 Computer L. & Security Rev. 946 (2018).
    Computer technology has dramatically changed the marketplace, including the way we make payments. Electronic access to funds expands liquidity and the relationships within payment networks allow strangers to build bridges ...
  • Tort and contract jurisdiction via the Internet: The “minimum contacts” test and the Brussels regulation compared 

    Patrick J. Borchers, Tort and Contract Jurisdiction via the Internet: The “Minimum Contacts” Test and the Brussels Regulation Compared, 50 Neth. Int'l L. REV. 401 (2003).
  • Conflict of laws 

    Peter Hay, Patrick J. Borchers & Symeon C. Symeonides, Christopher A. Whytock, Conflict of Laws (6th ed. 2018).
  • Introduction to administrative law 

    Patrick J. Borchers, Introduction to Administrative Law, in Manual for Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers 1 (2002).
  • Legal regulation of prescription opioids and prescribers 

    Kelly K. Dineen & Adam J. Ruggles, Legal Regulation of Prescription Opioids Prescribers, in Prescription Drug Diversion and Pain: History, Policy and Treatment 17 (John F. Peppin, John J. Coleman, Kelly K. Dineen & Adam J. Ruggles eds., 2018).
  • Opioid prescribing in stigmatized and special populations 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Opioid Prescribing in Stigmatized and Special Populations, in Prescription Drug Diversion and Pain: History, Policy and Treatment 190 (John F. Peppin, John J. Coleman, Kelly K. Dineen & Adam J. Ruggles eds., 2018).
  • Prescription drug diversion and pain: History, policy and treatment 

    Prescription Drug Diversion and Pain: History, Policy, and Treatment (John F. Peppin, John J. Coleman, Kelly K. Dineen & Adam J. Ruggles eds., 2018).
  • The amended organizational sentencing guidelines: Top ten things attorneys should know 

    Paul E. McGreal, The Amended Organizational Sentencing Guidelines: Top Ten Things Attorneys Should Know, Advanced Corporate Compliance Workshop 93 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2006), reprinted in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute 133 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2007).
  • An introduction to corporate compliance and ethics programs 

    Paul E. McGreal, An Introduction to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs, in Compliance & Ethics Essentials 305 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2018).
  • Legal risk assessment after the amended sentencing guidelines: The challenge for small organizations 

    Paul E. McGreal, Legal Risk Assessment After the Amended Sentencing Guidelines: The Challenge for Small Organizations, in Advanced Corporate Compliance Workshop 313 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2007).
  • Bankruptcy simulations 

    Michaela M. White, Catherine M. Brooks, Thalia Downing Carroll, Bankruptcy Simulations (2018).
  • Collision of student loan debt and joint marital taxation 

    Victoria J. Haneman, The Collision of Student Loan Debt and Joint Marital Taxation, 35 Va. Tax. Rev. 223 (2016).
    Students presently graduating from college represent perhaps the most indebted generation of young adults in the history of the United States, which may be attributed to the fact that interest-bearing debt plays a primary ...
  • Marriage, millennials, and massive student loan debt 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Marriage, Millennials, and Massive Student Loan Debt, 2 Concordia L. Rev. 103 (2017).
    Dating apps, contraception, abortion, medical advances that allow the delay of childbearing, changes in female pay, and crippling student loan debt are all factors that may weigh upon the Millennial trend of cohabitation ...
  • Incorporation of outcome-based learning approaches into the design of (incentive) trusts 

    Victoria Haneman, Incorporation of Outcome-Based Learning Approaches into the Design of (Incentive) Trusts, 61 S.D. L. Rev. 404 (2016).
    This Essay is based on a panel discussion at Asset Protection and Trust Innovations: South Dakota’s Role in Paving the Way for Innovations Nationwide, organized by University of South Dakota School of Law. The largest ...
  • Making tax law 

    Daniel M. Burman & Victoria J. Haneman, Making Tax Law (2014). (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press)
    This book explores the process of making U.S. tax law and examines the ways in which considerations of tax policy, tax politics, and tax administration intersect and contribute to the development of law through the legislative ...
  • Timely proposal to eliminate the student loan interest deduction 

    Victoria J. Haneman, A Timely Proposal to Eliminate the Student Loan Interest Deduction, 14 Nev. L.J. 156 (2013).
    Although increasing access to higher education has been a priority of the federal government for more than half a century, the government has largely shifted the way in which it offers assistance over the last two decades ...
  • Inappropriate imposition of court-ordered mediation in will contests 

    Victoria J. Haneman, The Inappropriate Imposition of Court-Ordered Mediation in Will Contests, 59 Clev. St. L. Rev. 513 (2011).
    Following the successful implementation of court-ordered mediation programs in divorce and family law cases, similar programs are being adopted to mandate the use of mediation in other areas of litigation. Complex emotional ...
  • Changing the estate planning malpractice landscape: Applying the constructive trust to cure testamentary mistake 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Changing the Estate Planning Malpractice Landscape: Applying the Constructive Trust to Cure Testamentary Mistake, 80 UMKC L. Rev. 91 (2011).
    A statistical compilation of malpractice claims released by the American Bar Association in 2008 demonstrates that estate planning cases constitute almost 10% of all actions filed. An estate planning client is uniquely ...
  • 120 hours until the consistent treatment of simultaneous death under the California probate code 

    Victoria J. Haneman & Jennifer M. Booth, 120 Hours Until the Consistent Treatment of Simultaneous Death Under the California Probate Code, 34 Nova L. Rev. 449 (2010).
    The issue of simultaneous death arises when there is insufficient evidence that two individuals died other than simultaneously. In the case of closely proximate deaths, devolution of the estate depends upon the order of ...
  • Bridging the justice gap with a (purposeful) restructuring of small claims court 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Bridging the Justice Gap with a (Purposeful) Restructuring of Small Claims Court, 39 W. New Eng. L. Rev. 457 (2017).
    Legal services are so expensive that low- and middle-income individuals with access to technology and some education will frequently try to navigate the court system on their own. Accepting (as some of us have) that neither ...

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