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Recent Submissions

  • Discussion between legal writing instructors 

    Carol Knoepfler & Kristy Coté, A Discussion Between Legal Writing Instructors, Neb. Law., Jan./Feb. 2017, at 53.
  • Humanitarian logic and the law of siege: A study of the Oxford Guidance on relief actions 

    Sean Watts, Humanitarian Logic and the Law of Siege: A Study of the Oxford Guidance on Relief Actions, 95 Int'l L. Stud. 1 (2019).
    In terms of human suffering, few military operations have rivaled sieges and comparably harsh legal regimes have governed them. At a time when legal vindication of humanitarian interests in armed conflict is ascendant, ...
  • These words may not mean what you think they mean: Toward a modern understanding of children and Miranda waivers 

    Raneta Lawson Mack, These Words May Not Mean What You Think They Mean: Toward a Modern Understanding of Children and Miranda Waivers, 27 B.U. Pub. Int. L.J. 257 (2018).
    In Parts I and II, this article will discuss the history of the Miranda waiver standards and cases interpreting those standards as applied to children. In Part III, the article will explore efforts on the state level to ...
  • Important developments in federal income taxation 

    Edward A. Morse, Important Developments in Federal Income Taxation, in Great Plains Federal Tax Institute (2018).
  • Retrenchment, temporary-effect legislation, and the home mortgage interest deduction 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Retrenchment, Temporary-Effect Legislation, and the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction, 71 Okla. L. Rev. 347 (2018).
    There are several sacred cows in the Internal Revenue Code, but perhaps none quite as sacrosanct as the home mortgage interest deduction. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has characterized the mortgage interest deduction ...
  • Caremark in the arc of compliance history 

    Paul E. McGreal, Caremark in the Arc of Compliance History, 90 Temp. L. Rev. 647 (2018).
    In 1996, the Delaware Chancery Court's In re Caremark International Inc. Derivative Litigation decision was the first to recognize a director's fiduciary duty to oversee a corporation's compliance and ethics program. Two ...
  • Mangrum and Benson on Utah Evidence 

    R. Collin Mangrum & Dee Benson, Mangrum and Benson on Utah Evidence (2018-2019 ed. 2018).
  • Overview of corporate compliance and ethics program 

    Paul E. McGreal, An Overview of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs, in Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop 117 (Practising Law Inst. ed., 2018).
  • Ethics -- it's legal, but is it right? 

    Craig W. Dallon, Ethics -- It’s Legal, But Is It Right?, in Dirty Litigation Tactics : How to Deal with the "Rambo" Litigator 61 (Nat’l Bus. Inst. ed., 2018).
  • Nebraska jury instructions: Second edition 

    Nebraska Jury Instructions: Second Edition (2018-19 ed. 2018).
  • Baseline territorial sovereignty and cyberspace 

    Sean Watts & Theodore Richard, Baseline Territorial Sovereignty and Cyberspace, 22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 771 (2018).
    The question of how territorial sovereignty operates in the interconnected yet diffuse, virtual yet material, and novel yet ubiquitous realm of cyberspace has proved enormously contentious. State practice in cyberspace ...
  • Securities: Dealing with tender offers in M&A transactions 

    Irina V. Fox, Securities: Dealing with Tender Offers in M&A Transactions, in 2018 Business Law Seminar (Neb. State Bar Ass'n ed., 2018).
  • Law of the Game of Thrones 

    David P. Weber, Law of the Game of Thrones, Creighton Law., Fall 2018, at 14.
  • A commitment to civil rights 

    Kent J. Neumeister, A Commitment to Civil Rights, Creighton Law., Fall 2018, at 18.
  • Atrocities by corporate actors: A historical perspective 

    Michael Kelly, Atrocities by Corporate Actors: A Historical Perspective, 50 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 49 (2018).
    Corporations have been around for centuries. Their entire operating principle is to generate profit. All other purposes are ancillary. However, people within corporations and running corporations make decisions for these ...
  • Defining misprescribing to inform prescription opioid policy 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Defining Misprescribing to Inform Prescription Opioid Policy, Hastings Cent. Rep., Jul./Aug. 2018, at 5.
    Prescription opioid policies too often reflect over a century's worth of moralizing about the nature of opioid use disorder, the value of pain, and the meaning of suffering. The social and legal penalties to prescribers ...
  • Intellectual property problems 

    Craig W. Dallon, Intellectual Property Problems, in Business Law: Top Challenges 81 (Nat’l Bus. Inst. ed., 2018).
  • Corporate compliance survey 

    Paul E. McGreal, Corporate Compliance Survey, 73 Bus. Law. 817 (2018).
  • Everybody dies. Or, a consideration of simultaneous death statutes and the struggles of the self-represented 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Everybody Dies. Or, A Consideration of Simultaneous Death Statutes and the Struggles of the Self-Represented, 32 Notre Dame J. L. Ethics & Pub. Pol'y 221 (2018).
    The access to justice problem has been the cause célèbre of the social justice movement in the United States for many years, with calls for the legal community to support legal services programs and contribute pro bono ...
  • From Rai stones to Blockchains: The transformation of payments 

    Edward A. Morse, From Rai Stones to Blockchains: The Transformation of Payments, 34 Computer L. & Security Rev. 946 (2018).
    Computer technology has dramatically changed the marketplace, including the way we make payments. Electronic access to funds expands liquidity and the relationships within payment networks allow strangers to build bridges ...

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