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dc.contributor.authorLenz, T. L.en_US
dc.contributor.authorGillespie, N. D.en_US
dc.contributor.authorSkrabal, M. Z.en_US
dc.contributor.authorFaulkner, M. A.en_US
dc.contributor.authorSkradski, J. J.en_US
dc.contributor.authorFerguson, L. A.en_US
dc.contributor.authorPagenkemper, J. J.en_US
dc.contributor.authorMoore, G. A.en_US
dc.contributor.authorJorgensen, D.en_US
dc.identifier.citationLenz, T. L.; Gillespie, N. D.; Skrabal, M. Z.; Faulkner, M. A.; Skradski, J. J.; Ferguson, L. A.; Pagenkemper, J. J.; Moore, G. A.; Jorgensen, D. Using employee experts to offer an interprofessional diabetes risk reduction program to fellow employees. Journal of interprofessional care. 2012, Sep 7, Epub ahead of print.en_US
dc.titleUsing employee experts to offer an interprofessional diabetes risk reduction program to fellow employeesen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
dc.title.workJournal of Interprofessional Careen_US
dc.description.issueEpub ahead of printen_US
dc.program.unitSchool of Medicineen_US
dc.program.unitSchool of Pharmacy and Health Professionsen_US
dc.program.unitCollege of Arts and Sciencesen_US
dc.program.unitExercise Scienceen_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorFaulkner, Michele A.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorGillespie, Nicoleen_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorLenz, Thomas L.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorMoore, Geri A.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorPagenkemper, Joni J.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorSkrabal, Maryann Z.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorJorgensen, Diane E.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorFerguson, Liz A.en_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorSkradski, Jessica J.en_US

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