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  • What If? Healthy Living Social Scenario Flashcards. Grades k-2 

    Learning Zone Express (Firm)
    Every day kids face tough situations that impact their physical, social, and emotional health. The What If? Healthy Living Social Scenario Flashcards feature 100 cards divided into themes that address teens overall health ...
  • Portion Size Bingo 

    Learning Zone Express (Firm)
    Helps students learn the portion sizes recommended by the USDA's MyPyramid
  • Balance Board With Maze Game 

    Nantong Jingu Plastic Product Co., Ltd. (2017)
    Balance boards, also known as wobble boards, are instruments that use a flat, hard top that you stand on, and an unstable rounded bottom. You need to exercise balance and swift movements to move the ball in the maze located ...
  • Giant Hands-On Heart Model 

    Unknown author (2017)
    This soft plastic heart is four times the size of a human adult heart. Model shows rough details of the heart.All pieces are unlabeled. Four hinged portals allowing access to heart chambers and valves. Has detachable vena ...
  • Faux Foods 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    Foods included are: 1 corn bread, 2 graham crackers, 2 saltine crackers, 1 biscuit, 1 pretzel sticks, 1 baked beans, 1 black-eyed peas, 1 spaghetti noodles, 1 grilled cheese sandwich, 1 mozzarella cheese stick, 1 french ...
  • The Consequences of Diabetes 3-D Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage throughtout the body. Featuring eight models depicting heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, and more, this 3-D display highlights the importance of proper diabetes management. Display ...
  • Barron's Anatomy Flash Cards 

    Ken W. S. Ashwell (2017)
    A total of 300 cards show muscles, bones, and organs, and are color coded according to their general function in the human body.
  • Tabletop Display Presentation Board 

    Unknown author (2017)
    1 display board (4 panels) : plastic frame and fabric panels, gray ; 183 x 77 cm + 1 black canvas carrying case (78 x 47 x 8 cm)
  • Lou-Wheeze Smoker's Lung Comparison Model 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    Although one of Lou-Wheeze's lungs is smooth and pink-a shining example of tobacco-free living-the other one destroyed by emphysema and cancer looks more like melted plastic than human tissue. These two models illustrate ...
  • Consumer Bingo 

    Learning Zone Express (Firm) (2017)
    Playing BINGO is a great way for students to learn and review consumer concepts, as they select the appropriate term for the definition read. Master terms list, definition cards and instructions included. Appropriate for ...
  • The Consequences of Smoking 3-D Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    From lung cancer to stroke, this 3-D interactive display graphically reveals why tobacco use is the world's leading cause of preventable death. Eight handpainted, removable models depict how smoking damages internal organs ...
  • Thrive Time for Teens It's Your Choice! Board Game 

    Learning Zone Express (Firm); Pay Your Family First, LLC. (2017)
    The money and life reality game! Why survive when you can THRIVE? In this reality game, teens start in high school and have part time jobs. They will be faced with money and life decisions like buying cars, managing expenses, ...
  • Premature Anne Task Trainer 

    Laerdal Medical (2010)
    Premature Anne is a realistically proportioned 25-week preterm manikin developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Premature Anne is designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals ...
  • Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Folding Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    1 folded chart (4 panels) : color ; 57 x 148 cm open; folded to 57 x 37 cm closed
  • Effects & Hazards of Smoking Folding Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    1 chart (4 panels) : color ; 57 x 148 cm open, folded to 57 x 37 cm closed
  • Basics of Cholesterol Folding Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    1 chart (3 panels) : color ; 57 x 37 cm closed.
  • Quit Smoking for Life Folding Display 

    Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
    1 folding chart (4 panels) : color ; 57 x 148 cm open, folded to 57 x 37 cm closed + 1 booklet (15 p. : col. ill. ; 22 cm.) + 1 sheet (review questions)
  • Cloth Breast Model 

    Childbirth Graphics (2010)
    An essential breastfeeding teaching tool, this detailed model accurately reflects the most current breast anatomy research. Use to educate lactation and childbirth classes on how the breasts work during breastfeeding. Two ...
  • Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation to the CDR. 

    Jizba, Richard (Creighton University Health Sciences Library. 2017)
    These materials are provided to help Creighton Graduate Students who have finished their theses or dissertations and want to submit them to the CDR.|VIDEOS: Two versions are provided. The narrative presentation includes a ...
  • Pregnancy Series Model: Fetus in seventh month, in normal position, placenta with umbilical cord visible 

    SOMSO (2010)
    Eight models showing the uterus with embryo and fetus in various stages of pregnancy. Life size. MD18

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