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    • Anti-Catholicism in mid-Victorian Britain: theory and discipline 

      Wallis, Frank H. Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 7, 2005. )
      Anti-Catholicism in mid-Victorian Britain has had numerous historians, but none have posited a theory of religious prejudice to help explain it. This article argues that anti-Catholicism in mid-Victorian Britain can be ...
    • The development of muscular Christianity in Victorian Britain and beyond 

      Watson, Nick; Weir, Stuart; Friend, Stephen Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 7, 2005. )
      The relationship between sport and Christianity during the last one hundred and fifty years has been largely driven by the Victorian concept of Muscular Christianity. This article examines the historical and theological ...
    • The "modern martyrdom" of Anglo-Catholics in Victorian England 

      Janes, Dominic Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 13, 2011. )
      The word "martyr" was widely applied in the later nineteenth century to a number of Anglican "ritualist" clergy who had been prosecuted for performing overtly "Catholic" liturgical practices. The focal point for such usage ...