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    • Could there be another Galileo case? Galileo, Augustine and Vatican II 

      Dawes, Gregory W. Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 4, 2002. )
      In his 1615 letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Lorraine, Galileo argues for a "principle of limitation": the authority of Scripture should not be invoked in scientific matters. In doing so, he claims to be ...
    • Damning criticism: historical perspectives on the evolution/intelligent design conflict 

      Simon, Richard M. Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 12, 2010. )
      Evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design are often portrayed as being diametrically opposed. However, events in the history of science demonstrate that theological criticisms of science have at times served to put science ...
    • Galileo and the Inquisition 

      Carroll, William E. Journal of Religion & Society. vol. 1, 1999. )
      The story of Galileo's encounter with the Inquisition in the early 17<sup>th</sup> Century continues to be an important part of the story of modernity. Galileo is frequently seen as breaking with the scientific heritage ...