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Recent Submissions

  • NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy 

    Fredrick, Rose (2022)
    Agenda:|Policy Requirements, Scope, and Exceptions|Data Management Plans: Elements and Tools|Data Repositories Selection and Recommendations|Library Support and Additional Resources
  • Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation to the CDR. 

    Jizba, Richard (Creighton University Health Sciences Library. 2017)
    IMPORTANT NOTICE|We are in the process of updating the contact information in these resources, all remaining content is still current.|New Contact Information: cdr@creighton.edu / (402) 280-5130| These materials are provided ...
  • User's Guide to the Daily Reflections Archive in CDR 

    Jizba, Richard (. Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2014)
    PLEASE NOTE: This PDF includes a hyperlinked table of contents and images that may not display properly when opened in a browser. Please download the file (below) and open it on your workstation.
  • Searching, part 1: The Problem of Language 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Noting that searching is a matter of identifying the combination of words which occurs in relevant records but not in irrelevant records, this paper explains the kinds of problems searchers will encounter and how to overcome them.
  • Searching, part 3: Databases and Search Mechanics for Database Searchers 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Describes a useful model to help searchers think about how indexed databases work so they understand why they have to use particular techniques and strategies to conduct effective searches.
  • Searching, part 8: Search Strategies and Heuristics 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Describes several approaches to searching which will help users perform either more comprehensive searches or more precise and trageted searching.
  • Searching, part 2: Boolean Operations and Venn Diagrams for Database Searching 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Uses Venn diagrams to illustrate the use of the AND, OR, and NOT Boolean Operations. Search examples and exercises are provided.
  • Searching, part 7: Using proximity operators 

    Jizba, Richard; Melonis, Rose (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2021)
    As discussed in the unit on The Problems of Language, phrasing and word proximity present an occasional challenge for the searcher. All search systems provide some way to specify word proximity, although the choices may ...
  • Searching, part 4: Recall and Precision: key concepts for database searchers 

    Jizba, Richard (2007)
    Describes 'precision' and 'recall' which are the basic measures used in evaluating search strategies. Understanding these concepts is the foundation for developing search strategies.
  • Searching, part 6: Taking Advantage of Word Location (fields). 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Provides examples of how to search specific fields in the EBSCOHost Medline database. A companion handout reviews how the location of a term in a record can change the meaning of the term or the significance of the term.
  • Searching, part 5: Truncation and Wildcard operators 

    Jizba, Richard (Health Sciences Library, Creighton University. 2007)
    Describes the use of Truncation and Wildcard Operators, which are used to To facilitate searching for terms with a common initial spelling. Words usually have different endings depending on the part of speech they represent: ...