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dc.contributor.authorEbner, Noamen_US
dc.contributor.authorThompson, Jeffen_US
dc.identifier.citationNoam Ebner & Jeff Thompson, @ Face Value? Nonverbal Communication and Trust Development in Online Video-Based Mediation, Int'l J. Online Disp. Resol., no. 2, 2014, at
dc.description.abstractMediation is a process wherein a third party, or mediator, attempts to assist two conflicting parties in dealing with their dispute. Research has identified party trust in the mediator as a key element required for mediator effectiveness. In online video-based mediation, the addition of technology to the mix poses both challenges and opportunities to the capacity of the mediator to build trust with the parties through non-verbal communication. While authors researching the field of online dispute resolution have often focused on trust, their work has typically targeted text-based processes. As online dispute resolution embraces video-based processes, non-verbal communication becomes more salient. Non-verbal communication research has identified examples of specific actions that can contribute to trust. This article combines that research with current scholarship on trust in mediation and on non-verbal communication in mediation to map out the landscape mediators face while seeking to build trust through non-verbal communication in online video-based mediation. Suggestions for future research and implications for practice are noted, holding relevance to researchers and practitioners in any field in which trust, non-verbal communication and technology converge.en_US
dc.title@ face value? Nonverbal communication and trust development in online video-based mediationen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
dc.title.workInternational Journal of Online Dispute Resolutionen_US
dc.program.unitSchool of Lawen_US
dc.program.unitWerner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolutionen_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorEbner, Noamen_US

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