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    • Comparative view of the law of trademarked generic words 

      Ralph H. Folsom & Larry L. Teply, A Comparative View of the Law of Trademarked Generic Words, 6 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 1 (1982).
      In this article, the authors compare the approaches of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand in handling common problems that arise when providing legal protection to trademarked words. The ...
    • A reply to Swann and Palladino's critique of Folsom and Teply's model survey 

      Ralph H. Folsom & Larry L. Teply, A Reply to Swann and Palladino's Critique of Folsom and Teply's Model Survey, 78 Trademark Rep. 197 (1988).
      This article is a reply to a critique of the authors' model survey relating to generic names and brand names in trademark litigation. The article lists several critiques by two leading members of the trademark bar and ...
    • Staff report on advertising of veterinary goods and services 

      F. Kelly Smith, Larry L. Teply, Ralph H. Folsom, Staff Report on Advertising of Veterinary Goods and Services (1978).
    • Surveying "genericness" in trademark litigation 

      Ralph H. Folsom & Larry L. Teply, Surveying "Genericness" in Trademark Litigation, 78 Trademark Rep. 1 (1988).
      This article discusses the primary significance test that is used when determining whether a claimed trademark word should receive trademark protection or should be considered a generic term. The usual way to determine the ...
    • Trademarked generic words 

      Ralph H. Folsom & Larry L. Teply, Trademarked Generic Words, 89 Yale L.J. 1323 (1980), reprinted in 70 Trademark Rep. 206 (1980), and in 1 Nat'l L. Rev. Rep. 765 (1981).