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    • Market price effects of data security breaches 

      Edward A. Morse, Vasant Raval & John R. Wingender Jr., Market Price Effects of Data Security Breaches, 20 Info. Security J.: A Global Persp. 263 (2011).
      This study examines the impact of reported breaches in computer security using event study analysis. We use the event-study methodology to measure the magnitude of the effect of data security breach events on the behavior ...
    • PCI DSS and the legal framework for security: An update on recent developments and policy directions 

      Edward A. Morse & Vasant Raval, PCI DSS and the Legal Framework for Security: An Update on Recent Developments and Policy Directions, Lydian Payments J., Jan. 2010, at 31.
      This article provides an update of recent legal and legislative developments and commentary on policy directions affecting data security within the payment card industry and related networks.
    • PCI DSS: Payment card industry data security standards in context 

      Edward A. Morse & Vasant Raval, PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards in Context, 24 Computer L. & Security Rep. 540 (2008).
      In recent years, the payment card industry has dealt with the matter of consumer liability for unauthorized charges. However, risks to consumers from identity theft and related use of personal data present new challenges ...
    • Private ordering in light of the law: Achieving consumer protection through payment card security measures 

      Edward A. Morse & Vasant Raval, Private Ordering in Light of the Law: Achieving Consumer Protection Through Payment Card Security Measures, 10 DePaul Bus. & Com. L.J. 213 (2012).
      A private ordering regime has developed within the payment card industry to define appropriate security practices and to monitor compliance by network participants. Market demands for trustworthy systems upon which consumers ...
    • SEC cybersecurity guidelines: Insights into the utility of risk factor disclosures for investors 

      Edward A. Morse, Vasant Raval & John R. Wingender, Jr., SEC Cybersecurity Guidelines: Insights into the Utility of Risk Factor Disclosures for Investors, 73 Bus. Law. 1 (2017-2018).
      In October 2011, the SEC issued new guidelines for disclosure of cybersecurity risks. Some firms responded to these guidelines by issuing new risk factor disclosures. This paper examines the guidelines and cybersecurity ...
    • Working from home: Reassessing risks and opportunities 

      Vasant Raval & Edward A. Morse, Working from Home: Reassessing Risks and Opportunities, 5 ISACA JOURNAL 11 (2020).
      How much of this virtual world will remain part of our lives after the pandemic has passed? Will the technological shift leave lasting changes in the habits and pract ices of business and society? For auditors, navigating ...