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    • Autonomous weapons: Regulation tolerant or regulation resistant? 

      Sean Watts, Autonomous Weapons: Regulation Tolerant or Regulation Resistant?, 30 Temp. Int'l & Comp. L.J. 177 (2016).
      This paper applies the author's previously published model for evaluating weapons' susceptibility to attempts to generate international regulations on autonomous weapons. The paper concludes that while autonomous weapon ...
    • Regulation-tolerant weapons, regulation-resistant weapons and the law of war 

      Sean Watts, Regulation-Tolerant Weapons, Regulation-Resistant Weapons and the Law of War, 91 Int'l L. Stud. 540 (2015).
      The historical record of international weapons law reveals both regulation-tolerant weapons and regulation-resistant weapons, identifiable by a number of criteria including effectiveness, novelty, deployment, medical ...