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dc.contributor.authorCorbett, Pieen_US
dc.contributor.illustratorEster Garcia Cortes, Inge-Marie Jensen, and Scott Plumbeen_US
dc.contributor.illustratorGarcía-Cortés, Esteren_US
dc.contributor.illustratorJensen, Inge-Marieen_US
dc.contributor.illustratorPlumbe, Scotten_US
dc.identifier.isbn9780198446149 (pbk.)en_US
dc.identifier.other10059 (Access ID)en_US
dc.description.abstractI bought a second copy of this book by mistake, but it turns out to be quite distinct. The pages inside are identical, and so is the basic picture on the front cover. Changed are most of the classifications and logos around these elements. The front cover, for example, adds Myths and Legends to the Tree Tops name and logo in the upper left of the front cover. The latter's logo has also changed. Oxford in the lower right is moved and its background color has changed. On the back cover, this book was in Stage 9 and KS2 Book Band Y3 Brown. Now it is in Book Band 12 Brown and Oxford Level 10. The format of the back cover and of the inside front cover has also changed. As is clear from the same six titles listed in them, Stages 9 and 10 have become Levels 10 and 11. As I wrote of that book, it advertises Three fables, originally from Ancient Greece. WSC, BW, and The Wolf and the Goat. Good tellings by Pie Corbett. One of the best illustrations shows the wolf dreaming of eating: he sits at a table with a nice bib, holding a knife and fork! In this version, the shepherd chooses this sheep because it is the thinnest. And he does not discover its true character until the wife is preparing to roast it! In BW, the shepherd boy plays his trick again and again. A pack of wolves arrives on the scene. The wolves take all the sheep. The third story is usually told, I believe, with a fox tricking the goat into the well as a ladder to let him climb out. All three of the artists with their divergent styles do a creditable job with their tales. Well done!en_US
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityPie Corbetten_US
dc.publisherOxford University Pressen_US
dc.subject.lccPZ8.2.C6734 Wolf 2014en_US
dc.titleWolf Fablesen_US
dc.typeBook, Whole
dc.acquired.locationSupanews, Brisbane, Australiaen_US
dc.cost.usCost: $13.64en_US
dc.title.seriesTree Tops, Level 10en_US

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