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  • Des Kaisers Neue Kleider: Eine Nacherzählung in Starbesetzung 

    H.C. Andersen; Aus dem Amerikanischen von Wolfram Bayer (Carlsen Verlag. Hamburg, 1999)
    As I wrote of the 1998 English-language original, this large-format book is a fascinating tour de force! At least this copy does not have the CD that helped to make the English original so wonderful. The readers are still ...
  • Des Kaisers Neue Kleider: Ein Märchen von H.C. Andersen in gekürzter Nacherzählung 

    Andersen, H.C. (Findling Buchverlag: Michael Neugebauer Verlag. Lüneberg, Germany, 2003)
    This is a strong presentation of the story in a sturdy hardbound book of large size (8½" x 11½"). Perhaps the strongest illustration shows the emperor, facing us, seeing for the first time the clothes that are not there ...
  • Le Lièvre et la Tortue 

    Jean de La Fontaine; Adaptée par Katherine Quénot (Auzou. Paris, 2017)
    By contrast with other booklets in this series, we find here a prose adaptation of La Fontaine's original fable. The story starts with the tortoise exercising – and sweating – in order to become the fastest animal in this ...
  • Le rat de ville et le rat des champs 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2016)
    This simple pamphlet offers two cute and pleasantly contrasting mice. The country mouse wears coveralls and has a bike and satchel while his city cousin wears a pullover and has his moustache curled. The city street on ...
  • Le grenouille qui se veut fair aussi grosse que le boeuf 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2016)
    Duchesne adds good touches to her five double-pages illustrating this classic story. The frog on the cover and in the first image lounges on a pod and a rock, respectively, the latter time with a drink nearby. The second ...
  • La laitière et le pot au lait 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2017)
    This booklet has a good deal of text to get into its five double-pages and does it well. The turning point for La Fontaine is Perrette's leaping like the calf she will have. The central page depicts well her disappointment ...
  • Le Rat de ville et le Rat des champs 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Auzou. Paris, 2018)
    Here is a colorful and lively presentation of La Fontaine's fable. The cover presents the two mice in the country, with the city's outline in the distance. I struggled to decipher which mouse is which. The city mouse, ...
  • Le lièvre et la tortue 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2016)
    This simple pamphlet does a good job of emphasizing La Fontaine's point that the hare dawdles to make it a race worthy of him. In a key scene, we find the hare resting or stretching next to a tree with an insect on his ...
  • La Cigale et la Fourmi 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Auzou. Paris, 2017)
    Here is a straightforward presentation of La Fontaine's text with illustrations suitable for children. Both animals are dressed and wear shoes, the grasshopper with coveralls, scarf, and straw hat and the ant with dress, ...
  • Le lion et le rat 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2016)
    This simple pamphlet tells the story well. In La Fontaine, the mouse pops up practically into the lion's paws. There is no discussion. The lion regally dismisses the mouse. Roaring in frustration from the lion's net ...
  • Le loup et l'agneau 

    Jean de La Fontaine (Éditions Lito. Champigny-sur-Marne, France, 2016)
    This simple pamphlet uses the same basic art on the cover and the title-page: A large, menacing wolf points a finger at a small lamb. The first picture then depicts an idyllic scene with the lamb drinking untroubled, ...
  • Fuchs und Storch; Tilki ve Leylek; The Fox and the Stork 

    Inci Hilbert and Volker Mergner; Englilsche Ubersetzung von Sophia Miller (Weimarer Schiller-Presse: Frankfurter Literaturverlag. Frankfurt/London/NY, 2016)
    This landscape pamphlet is one of my favorite finds from a rich summer of book-hunting in Europe. This pamphlet fell off the shelf of children's illustrated books in this lively and very hospitable bookstore in Vienna. ...
  • Fables de Florian, Suivies de Tobie et de Ruth 

    Florian (J.-J. Dubochet et Cie. Paris, 1842)
    This book's texts and illustrations are identical with those in another copy from the same publisher at the same time. It appears to be another version of the first printing of Florian's fables illustrated by Grandville ...
  • Fables d'Ésope 

    Adaptation de Jean-Philippe Mogenet (Milan. Toulouse, France, 2018)
    This large-format book is almost identical with that published in 2011 by the same publisher. Changes include a change on the cover and title-page from "Milan Jeunesse" to "Milan." Fewer books are included in the series ...
  • La Fontaine: Fables. (Outside title: le Lièvre et la Tortue: Fables de La Fontaine) 

    Imagées par Romain Simon (Librairie de Hachette. Paris?, 1956)
    Cataloguing this little book has one reaching for a number of other books in the collection. There were apparently four La Fontaine books in this same format in the "Les Albums Roses" collection. We now have three, ...
  • Texte zur Geschichte der Altdeutschen Tierfabel 

    In Auswahl Arno Schirokauer (A. Francke AG. Verlag. Bern, 1952)
    Here is an extra copy of this 66-page booklet, which happens to contain the same number of old German fables. The texts start with the ninth century C.E. and finish in the sixteenth century. The texts are well presented. ...
  • Landmaus und Stadtmaus; Der Fuchs und die Krähe; Der Hund und sein Knochen 

    Patricia Scarry, nach Aesop; übersetzt von L. Julius (Delphin Verlag. Zurich, 1961)
    Here is the German translation of a favorite old kids' book. A Little Golden Books morphs here into a Happy Buch. Amazon says that the 1961 copyright from Golden applies here as well. Generally, the division of text ...
  • Fables de La Fontaine, Première et Seconde Partie 

    Avec un noveau commentaire par M. Coste (Chez Deckherr Frères. Montbéliard, 1815)
    Here is a curious little volume, outwardly in very poor condition. It has an illustration, generally 2½" x 1½", for each fable. These are simple and even primitive in their approach to each fable scene. Some are quite ...
  • Fabeln von Äsop und Äsopische Fabeln des Phädrus. 

    Binder, Wilhelm; Siebelis, Johannes (Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag. Munich, 1959)
    As I wrote of the otherwise identical hardbond version, this is a very straightforward little book with a brief introduction and the texts. There are 172 fables from Aesop. T of C on 164. Fox and goose seem to be dancing ...
  • Birds, Beasts, and Fishes 

    Carter, Anne (Macmillan. NY, 1991)
    Here is a second extra copy of this book, without a dust jacket. An excellent collection of animal poetry, with bright and colorful art, oil paint on hardwood. There is one fable: William Ellery Leonard's version of DLS ...

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