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    • The Spirituality of Thomas Merton – Repost 

      O'Keefe, John J. (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University.. Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2018)
      Fr. Richard Hauser, S.J. discusses the spirituality of Thomas Merton.|We recorded this podcast of Fr. Richard Hauser, S.J. in 2012. Fr. Hauser passed away last month. RIP Dick.
    • The Eucharist and Social Justice -- Repost 

      Massaro, Thomas, S.J. (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University.. Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2018)
      Rev. Thomas Massaro, S.J. discusses the relationship between the Eucharist and social justice.|Massaro is the dean of the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley California.|This podcast originally ...
    • New Perspectives on Paul -- Repost 

      Stegman, Thomas (Center for Catholic Thought, Creighton University.. Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2018)
      Thomas Stegman, S.J. discusses new scholarly perspectives on Paul. Stegman teaches at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.|This program first appeared in 2013.
    • Fox Fables/Favole sulla volpe 

      Casey, Dawn; Mashi, Michela (Mantra Lingua Ltd. London, 2006)
      I am getting a number of these Mantra Lingua bilingual "Fox Fables" paperbacks over time. This is a large, handsome, landscape-formatted book of 32 pages presenting two fables bilingually. It belongs to a series. The ...
    • Fuchs und Storch: Eine Fabel von Aesop 

      Rühmann, Karl (Nord-Sud Verlag. Zurich, 2003)
      Here is the original German edition of a book I found earlier in its English version. This is an enchanting edition in the tradition I have come to expect from North-South. The textures throughout are very soft. Fox ...
    • Der Blaue Fuchs: Frei nach einer Indischen Fabel 

      Werner, Nils (Dr. Herbert Schulze Buch- und Kunstverlag. Leipzig, 1965)
      Here is an East German book that goes back over fifty years. Unfortunately, it has spent some of that time in someone's musty cellar! The German is in six-line rhyming strophes. This version tells the story very well, ...
    • a choice for children: poems, fables and fairy tales. 

      Mikhalkov, Sergei; Glagoleva, Fainna; Rottenberg, Dorian (Raduga Publishers. Moscow, 1988)
      Here is a hardbound version of a book I had found previously in its paperbound version. Sixteen prose fables make up one of three sections in this book (75-86). Particularly good among these original fables are "The ...
    • Sittenlehre für die Jugend in den auserlesensten aesopischen Fabeln: Nachwort zur Faksimileausgabe 

      Höhle, Thomas (Insel Verlag. Leipzig, 1977)
      Here is an extra copy of this book. This 28-page booklet accompanies a facsimile of the German 1757 translation of Samuel Richardson's 1749 London edition, "Aesop's Fables, with Instructive Morals and Reflections, Abstracted ...
    • Sittenlehre für die Jugend in den auserlesensten aesopischen Fabeln 

      Richardson, Samuel; Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim (Weidmannische Handlung/Insel Verlag. Leipzig, 1757)
      Here is an extra copy of this book, bought from the same shop as my first copy, biut for about half the price at a sad going-out-of-business sale starting that day. I already have a pair of German editions representing ...
    • Les Fables de La Fontaine pour Bebe 

      Guérin, Emile (Théodore Lefèvre et Cie.. Paris, 1886)
      This book reproduces another in the collection, but with several changes. It might be several years younger than my other copy. Notice these differences. On the front cover, the publisher's name is inside the frame ...
    • The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

      Hoena, Blake (Cantata Learning. North Mankato, MN, 2018)
      Music by Mark Oblinger. With a CD containing the story and song, just the song, and just the instrumental background. The lyrics and music are also printed at the end of the book. Readers are invited by the disc to sing ...
    • 15 Fables Célèbres Racontées en Argot, Recueil No. 2 

      Marcus (Editions Jean Picot. Paris, 1947)
      Previously, I had found several booklets with connections to this one, including a copy of the 1947 Volume I and the 1988 reprint of this Volume II of fables in slang. I am delighted now to have found the original of ...
    • The Raven and the Fox & other Fables: Jean de La Fontaine 

      Wright, Elizur (The Snake River Press. London, 1986)
      This is a very scarce limited edition I had been watching at Rooke Books for some time. When they offered a 40% off sale, I made the decision to go for it. Beautifully illustrated by Geoffrey Trenaman with five colour ...
    • La Fontaine: összes meséi 

      Vikár Béla; Szántai Zsolt (Szukits Koyvkiadó. Budapest, Hungary, 2000)
      Vikar Bela translated La Fontaine into Hungarian in 1929. The highly dramatic black-and-white illustrations are strong and frequent. I appreciate the illustration on 23 for "The Serpent with Many Tails and the Serpent ...
    • A tücsök meg a hangyák 

      no author (Mladé letá. Bratislava, Slovakia, 1986)
      This children's book is composed of seven thick boards bound together. On the cover a grasshopper with moustache sits on a mushroom playing his fiddle as a row of ants marches by carrying or rolling food and an ant-baby. ...
    • Ezópus meséi: Az oroszlán és a kisegér 

      no author (Pannon Literatura. Kisujszallas, Hungary, 2008)
      This is a curious book formed out of four folding stiff cardboard pages. The front page features a dramatic colored group including a lion, a mule, and a crab. We open to a two-page presentation of LM. We soon see an ...
    • La Fontaine: A tücsök es a hangya 

      Kiadás, Második (Mora Ferenc Könyvkiadó. Budapest, 1977)
      On this foray into the old Eastern Europe, I found Jean Effel more than once. It is good to see that an excellent artist was picked up and reproduced in the Eastern Block countries! This edition includes 21 fables with ...
    • The Mysterious Library: A Coloring Book Journey Into Fables 

      Na, Lauren (Seven Seas Entertainment. 2016)
      First published in 2015 by Hyeonamsa Publishing Company in Korea. I bought this book at the Joslyn, happy to find a fable book that they had discovered of which I had known nothing. Alas, it is not a fable book at all. ...
    • Best-Loved Aesop's Fables Coloring book 

      Swanson, Maggie (Dover Publications. Mineola, NY, 2015)
      This large-format paperback book offers twenty-two two-page spreads offering texts and black-and-white illustrations to be colored by a young reader. The illustrations are highly simple. TMCM is told at too great length! ...
    • A Holló és a Róka: La Fontaine és Más Mesék 

      no author (Tóth Könyvkereskedés. Debrecen, Hungary, 1996)
      This is a quite straightforward book of Hungarian verse renditions of some 38 fables on 95 pages. The only illustration in the book is the colored illustration of FC on the front cover. There is a curious panel on both ...