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    • Bringing negotiation teaching to life: From the classroom to the campus to the community 

      Ebner, Noam; Cohn, Lynn P. (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
      Taking students of negotiation out into the field might be an excellent way to learn. However, taking your students to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Cohn and Ebner point out, is educational all right, but it is expensive. ...
    • Enhancing concept learning: The simulation design experience 

      Ebner, Noam; Druckman, Daniel (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
      Druckman and Ebner carefully review an overwhelming number of studies which conclude that simulations (in all fields, not just negotiation) typically fail to live up to their promise. One quirk of the studies, however, ...
    • Get ripped and cut before training: Adventure preparation for the negotiation trainer 

      Efron, Yael; Ebner, Noam (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
    • Moving up: Positional bargaining revisited 

      Ebner, Noam; Efron, Yael (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2009)
      Somewhere along the way toward widespread of interest-based concepts, Ebner and Efron argue, the teaching of negotiation has lost something -- a tough-minded focus on what to do when the pie can't be enlarged, the competing ...
    • Online communication technology and relational development 

      Bhappu, Anita D.; Ebner, Noam; Kaufman, Sanda; Welsh, Nancy (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2009)
      Key to success in negotiation is managing and enhancing relationships. This concept can be difficult to convey in short-term executive training courses where students have little time for relational development. Not to ...
    • Relationship 2.0 

      Ebner, Noam; Kemp, Adam (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
      Ebner and Kamp examine the treatment of relationships in typical negotiation teaching, and conclude that critics of our field and its doctrines have a point: in several ways, our doctrines set students up for failure when ...
    • Simulation 2.0: The resurrection 

      Ebner, Noam; Kovach, Kimberlee K. (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
      Ebner and Kovach consider the critique of role-plays previously offered in this series (see particularly, Alexander and LeBaron 2009) -- and reject it. They argue that what is needed is not to move away from simulations, ...
    • Using role-play in online negotiation teaching 

      Matz, David; Ebner, Noam (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2010)
      Matz and Ebner consider the impending collision between teachers' strong desire to use role-play and other simulation exercises, and the rise of online teaching, in which the students may never see each other. They outline ...
    • You've got agreement: Negoti@ting via email 

      Ebner, Noam; Bhappu, Anita D.; Brown, Jennifer Gerarda; Kovach, Kimberlee K.; Schneider, Andrea Kupfer (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2009)
      Astonishing amounts of negotiation are now conducted by e-mail - often with scant regard for underlying strategy, or even common courtesy. The authors unpack why this happens, and propose methods that will better prepare ...