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    • Railroad Abandonment: The Disappearing Railroad Blues 

      Nickolai, Kenneth A.; Katskee, Melvin R. (Creighton University School of Law. Omaha, Nebraska, 1975)
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|Much has been written of railroads in recent years since the demise of the Penn Central Railroad. The native son of America, the railroad, is being recognized once again. However, what is seen is not ...
    • Trade Regulations - The Nebraska Public Service Commission: Avenues for Reform 

      Nickolai, Kenneth A. (Creighton University School of Law. Omaha, Nebraska, 1976)
      INTRODUCTION|Seventy years ago President Roosevelt stumped the country urging congressional action on his proposal to create federal agency regulation over railroad rates. His recurrent theme was: [W]e want an administrative ...