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dc.description.abstractBoth of these albums are complete. Each fable has six colored cartoon-cards, except for the centerpiece, "Les Animaux Malades de la Peste," which has twelve cards. The animals are dressed and playful. The exploding frog makes a "pouf" sound (#29). The fish rejected by the picky heron wear women's hats (#68)! The inside of the back cover gives a history of chocolate. Of course, in this history Jean-Antoine Brutus Menier stands out. The good copy belonged to a Georgette Lerche when she was in the sixth class. The first extra copy spent some time in someone's wet basement! 1950?en_US
dc.titleChocolate Cards (Menier)
dc.description.noteLes Fables de La Fontaine: Collection des Vignettes du Chocolat-Menier. Vignettes Nos 1 a 90. Album including 90 numbered cards pasted in around La Fontaine's text. Puteaux: L'Isle de France. 240 francs on the Quai de la Seine, May, '97. Extra copy with taped binding and considerable interior staining and foxing for 100 francs elsewhere on the Quai at the same time. A third copy with about half of the cards pasted in for €9.99 from Bertrand Beauvais through eBay, August, '04.en_US
dc.subject.local1Cards : Chocolate Cardsen_US

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