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dc.description.abstractGreen, red, and black highlight the face of a man and a child's shoe. When—as here—someone connects the dots, the delightful shoemaker appears, with his pipe in one hand and his hammer in the other. The blotter's invitation is well phrased: "Trace a line in the sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc… and you will designate the shoemaker whom La Fontaine let sing from morning until evening."en_US
dc.titleBuvard offert par Semelflex (blotter)
dc.description.noteBuvard offert par Semelflex, a maker of shoes. With a trace-the-dots painting of La Fontaine's shoemaker from "The Shoemaker and the Financier." Premiere Serie C: Bottillon d'Enfant. Mesmer Pub. Imp. Sézanne. 5¼" x 8¼". $5 from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, May, '02.en_US
dc.subject.local1Desktop Items : Blotters : Single Blottersen_US
dc.subject.local1Desktop Items : Blottersen_US
dc.subject.local1Desktop Itemsen_US

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