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dc.description.abstractThis lovely little pamphlet, in surprisingly good condition, has the printed stamp on its back of Grant Ramsey of Grinnell, Iowa, one of the many grocers happy to sell Gold Medal Flour. The multi-colored pictures are excellent. In the first of the six fables, a tramp broke several teeth biting on a pie crust which he had expected to be hard. It had been made with Gold Medal Flour, and so his hard chomp was unnecessary! These simple stories show that Gold Medal Flour brings women proposals of marriage, praise, success, and prizes. The Moral to "The Fable of the Rich Man and His Appetite" is "Healthy Food is better than Health Foods." I will keep the extra copy in the collection because of its different-textured paper.en_US
dc.titleComic Fables with Morals Advertising Washburn Crosby's Gold Medal Flour
dc.description.noteComic Fables with Morals Advertising Washburn Crosby's Gold Medal Flour. Pamphlet. $9.98 from Joann Cummings, Colfax, Iowa, through Ebay, April, '00. Extra copy in poorer condition but on different paper for $6 from Richard Graham, Oswego, NY, through eBay, June, '05en_US
dc.subject.local1Advertising : Other Advertisingen_US

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