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dc.description.abstractThe "Aesop & Son" portion here is about a wolf and a dog. The wolf tries various ploys and finally steals Mauler the sheepdog's false teeth. Ultimately a lamb bites the wolf with false teeth. "Nothing dentured, nothing gained." The fable lasts 5:40. It comes about five minutes into the tape, after Dudley Doright delivers a bag of crabgrass to the inspector and Bullwinkle juggles--and before Simple Simon. We are a pretty good distance here from any Aesop I know!en_US
dc.titleCanadian Gothic
dc.description.noteCanadian Gothic. Volume 6 of "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle." Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Home Video. $9.95 at Washington Video, Georgetown, Dec., '91.en_US
dc.subject.local1Audio-Visual : Video Cassettesen_US

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