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dc.description.abstractThe Big Book of Buttons (Elizabeth Hughes and Marion Lester, Second printing: 1991, Plate 152, #4). The depth of this button makes the rubbed high points of its scene stand out in lovely fashion from the dark background on the Joyce's Jems exemplar, while the Wiedeman is much brighter throughout. A real prize!en_US
dc.titleTwo large The Fox and the Grapes buttons, 1.5" in diameter
dc.description.noteTwo large The Fox and the Grapes buttons, 1.5" in diameter. $50 from Joyce's Jems at the Dulles International Antiques Show and Sale, April, '97 and $20 from Onie Wiedeman, Minot, ND, May, '99.en_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessories : Buttonsen_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessoriesen_US

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