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Aesop's Artifacts collection: A wide assortment of objects depicting fables.
Books of Fables collection: An annotated bibliography of books of fables.

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  • Canadian-American Realtions and the Energy Crisis 

    Timmerman, John (1974)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Canada's Consul General in the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. Guest of Dr. Ross Horning, History Department, Creighton University.
  • The Rise of Nationalism and Foreign Policy in Latin America 

    Veliz, Claudio (1969)
    SUMMARY| He gave us history reaching back at least 1,700 years for the current Andean Group development; he introduced us to the cultural-political history of much of Latin America for the last 300 years. All his remarks ...
  • Britian and Europe 

    Unwin, Peter W. (1969)
    ANNECDOTE| Peter Unwin helped teach me that "Information Officers," government mouthpieces, care little for analysis or expanding our thinking. They may be useful in giving one-off answers to news media questions that ...
  • The Current Gulf Crisis: Implications for U.S. Policy 

    Zakheim, Dov S. (1987)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Zakheim has held positions including Duputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources; Assistant Under Secretary of Defense; Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense. He also holds ...
  • South Africa and the Front Line States 

    Whitaker, Jennifer (1987)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ms. Whitaker, starting in 1983, became Co-Director, Committee on African Development Strategies. A group of American leaders formed to affect US policy toward African development, the Committee has engaged ...
  • Politics and Development in Ethiopia: Past and Present 

    Wolde, Goshu (1988)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Goshu has recieved various degrees from Yale University and Addis Ababa University. He has held positions such as Minister of Education of Ethiopia; Chairman of the National Literacy Campaign; Chairman ...
  • Technology Serving Mankind 

    Vanice, Jerome (1971)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Vanice started and managed his own successful small business for twenty-five years and then moved to transmitting his proven skills of entrepreneurship to East Africans. At that time Mr. Vanice was ...
  • Report on the CFR Visit to the USSR 

    Wise, Kenneth L. (1988)
    SUMMARY| He covered perestroika and actual and potential changes under glasnost and demokratizayatsia.
  • Peace Corps 

    Ruppee, Loret MIller (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Loret Miller Ruppee had been Director of the Peace Corps since 1981. As Director she has travelled in many of the sixty countries that the Peace Corps served at that time. She is responsible for establishing ...
  • Detente Through Soviet Eyes 

    Scott, John (1974)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|During his thirty years with Time magazine, he travelled abroad for extended periods two or three times a year to areas where important US foreign policy issues were surfacing. Radio Liberty has broadcast ...
  • Meeting tthe Demand for Food and Fiber in the Next Quarter Century 

    Tussey, W. Glenn (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|From 1949-1962, Tussey held various positions at County, State, and Federal levels of the Agricultural Extension Service. From 1962-1966 he was the Branch Chief, Foreign Marketing Branch, Cotton Division, ...
  • After the Ceasefire: What Lies Ahead for Iran and Iraq 

    Sick, Gary (1988)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Sick was a member of the National Security Council Staff from 1976 to 1981. During this time he was directly associated with the White House decision-making on Middle East issues during the administrations ...
  • European Community and the Energy Crisis 

    Stuffman, Claus (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|In 1953, he recieved a degree in economics from the University of Freiburg. He studied political science at the Institute for Political Science in Paris. In 1967 he joined the Cabinet of the President of ...
  • Political-Military Relationships in the Middle East 

    Schweitzer, Avram (1974)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Hungary, Mr. Schweitzer moved to Israel in 1946. From 1949 to 1955 he was a Treasury economist in the Tel Aviv and has since been with Haaretz, first as an economic editor, and then as a senior ...
  • Agrarian Reform, The Philippines and the Future 

    Taruc, Luis (1975)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was in prison until about 1967 when he was given a Presidential pardon, and from then until 1968 he worked closely with church-related organizations and mass movements. He lectured at universities, ...
  • The Law of the Sea: Where Do We Go From Here? 

    Swing, John Temple (1983)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was Expert Consultant to the US Department of State on sea law and acted as special advisor to the US Ambassadors to the Sea Law Conference. Before joining the Council on Foreign Relations staff in ...
  • Implications of the Korean Elections 

    Romberg, Alan (1988)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Romberg has served on the National Security Council, in various State Department positions dealing with East and Southeast Asia as well as with Japanese Affairs. Other experience includes two years on the ...
  • Prospects For Political Developments in the Philippines 

    Tatad, Francisco S. (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Tatad was the principal co-author, 1984 constitutional amendment reestablishing succession to the Philippine Presidency by creating the Office of Vice-President. He was also the author, 1984 constitutional ...
  • European Opinions on Security 

    Scheuch, Erwin K. (1985)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Scheuch has chaired the Sociology Department of the University of Cologne, directed the Central Archive for Empirical Social Research, has taught at Harvard, Princeton, and Pennsylvania Universities. ...
  • Secrecy in an Open Society 

    Teller, Edward (1970)
    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Teller, scientist, participant in the Manhatten Project 1941-1951, winner of several science awards including Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein awards, lecturer previously at University of London, George ...

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